5 Jobs Of The Future Where Big Money Will Be Changing Hands

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This article is contributed by Jackson Mosby.

The job market is changing fast and the careers of today will definitely not be the careers of tomorrow. If you want to ensure your future is secure you might need to look at the kinds of jobs that will be in high demand a few years from now. Don’t just choose something because it was popular in the past. Obviously some careers will always be great choices, but let’s look at some of the dark horses you might want to think about if you want to have a great life.

Freelance accountant


Lots of big businesses hire accounting firms to look after their books. If you look at what is happening you’ll see the landscape is changing and more small businesses are cropping up. Those small businesses will be much more likely to hire freelance accountants instead of going with large firms. More people are starting their own businesses than ever before which means the demand for freelance accountants will be even greater. If you are qualified and skilled you’ll be able to pick up lots of clients.

3D printer engineer

3d printer

You might have heard a lot of great things about 3D printers, but we’ve only just scratched the surface. In a few years they are going to be used regularly to print a lot of different things. It might mean a lot of common products will be printed instead of manufactured in different ways, but in order for that to happen they will need qualified engineers who can look after the printers. A lot of things they’ll be printing will be expensive so the wages you’ll receive will be very generous.

Specialist teacher


Teachers don’t earn a lot of money unless they climb up the ranks, but by the time that happens they are old. What about the teachers who want to make a lot of money while they’re still young? Thanks to the internet you aren’t limited to teaching a group of students in a small classroom. You could teach hundreds of people over the internet at the same time and your hourly wage would be much greater. Millions of people want to learn about specialist subjects and if you can get in front of them they’ll pay you money to teach them.

SEO expert

seo expert

When you search for something on the internet I bet you use Google. It’s the most popular search engine in the world and companies are desperate to appear at the top of the first page for their chosen keywords. Search engine optimization experts can help companies get the top rankings they’re desperate for because it means they’ll make much more money. If you have the skills to help those companies, they will pay you a crazy amount of money, or you could rank your own website and sell directly to visitors by yourself.

Software engineer

software engineer

Some of the biggest companies in the world are now internet startups. Facebook and Amazon are leading the way, but there are thousands of other startups appearing every year. Venture capitalists are giving them millions of dollars to come up with the next idea that will change the world. If you want to get involved in an early startup you will need to be a skilled software engineer. Maybe you’ll be part of the next company that gets acquired for a billion dollars.

Keep your eyes open

If you become an expert in any of the areas we’ve spoken about today you will be in control of your own future. A lot of people are experiencing hard times at the moment because they’re trying to cling onto the past. You don’t need to choose anything we’ve spoken about today, but I hope you start thinking about how the future is going to unfold so you’re ready for anything.

Author Bio:  Jackson Mosby leads a team of employees at Artec Group, a company specializing in 3d CAD scanners. Jackson is a huge technophile and reviews the latest products that hit the market, particularly cellphones.

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