Tips for Keeping Your Employees and Your Products Safe

As important as it is to protect your business, your employees, and your assets, sometimes bad things find a way of happening anyway. If you’ve had to deal with an unfortunate incident in the past, you might be wondering if there’s anything you could have done to prevent it. While no one can guarantee protection, there are a few steps you can do to try and keep your business more secure in the future.

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The Power of Influence and Persuasion

Robert Cialdini
Robert Cialdini

Because of the world-wide recognition of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s cutting edge scientific research and his ethical business and policy applications, he is frequently regarded as the “Godfather of influence.” You can read more about his thinking in a recent article,  Why you say yes, even when you don’t want to. Continue reading “The Power of Influence and Persuasion”

Practical Lubricant Product Strategies for Construction Businesses

Industrial lubricant manufacturers  sell a variety of solutions that benefit construction businesses; however, certain steps must be followed so that workers can use each lubricant product effectively and efficiently during different industrial situations. In order to ensure professional results, a manager must have practical management solutions, proper maintenance routines, and reliable maintenance strategies. Continue reading “Practical Lubricant Product Strategies for Construction Businesses”

Celebrating Canada 150 with Leonard Cohen and some Barbershop Quartet Choirs

The image above shows Leonard Cohen who is now looming over Montrealers in a large mural that was recently completed above the city’s Boulevard St. Laurent. Continue reading “Celebrating Canada 150 with Leonard Cohen and some Barbershop Quartet Choirs”

Business Success 101: How To Make Your Company More Profitable And Productive

Business success is typically one of the corporate leader’s primary concerns. Whether you define success in terms of optimized daily operations or a substantive increase in conversion rates, it’s important to note that there are several techniques you can use to realize your goal. Here are three of them: Continue reading “Business Success 101: How To Make Your Company More Profitable And Productive”

When does a small business loan make sense

Going into debt for your business might not seem like a good idea, but there are reasons when it becomes a necessity. Weighing the costs of taking out a loan, whether a substandard loan or a traditional loan, could prove fruitful. If you are in a position to take a leap, but you lack working capital, here are three reasons why applying for a business loan makes perfect sense. Continue reading “When does a small business loan make sense”

How To Support Your Employees and Help Your Small Business Grow

Running a small business can be a rewarding and satisfying experience, but it also takes a lot of hard work and determination. Some experts say that half of all new small businesses will fail in the first year of operation, and others say that up to 90 percent of all businesses will fail within five years. Your small business doesn’t have to be a statistic, however. One of the best ways to help your small business grow and thrive is by supporting your employees and getting their best work out of them. Your employees can be your best asset if you treat them well. Here are some suggestions for supporting your employees and helping your small business to grow and succeed. Continue reading “How To Support Your Employees and Help Your Small Business Grow”

How to choose a personal injury lawyer

In this world of hustle and bustle, it is all too easy to suffer some injury that may seriously affect your livelihood. Even a simple fender bender can cause whiplash and you may then need months of therapy to correct the condition. … And of course you no doubt will be suffering pain that is difficult to control.

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Business-Building 101: How To Keep Your Organization Moving Forward

In today’s world, business owners who want to keep their organizations moving forward need to maintain a savvy, cutting edge approach to the work they do. In a world where globalization and the Internet have made many markets increasingly competitive, corporate leaders who really want to “wow” their customers and generate brand loyalty have to bring something dynamic and distinct to the table. To ensure that your company continues attracting attention so the business can continue moving forward, utilize some or all of the following business-building strategies: Continue reading “Business-Building 101: How To Keep Your Organization Moving Forward”