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If you are lucky and creative enough to be able to design your own merchandise, have you thought about the potential of selling it online? These days, many people are more than happy to buy and sell online as opposed to setting up a bricks and mortar business. Buyers trust the internet a lot more than they used to, it is properly regulated and seems to be the way forward. If you have a great product, but need a little help with the online selling factor, please read this article for some easy to follow tips.

Why Sell Online?

This is a valid question, and one that deserves an answer. If you already have an established marketplace for your products and you are not interested in switching to the online option, then good for you! As they say ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But I suspect you are in a blissful minority. If you have not yet started to sell your product, you may as well try the online option as it is far easier than starting up a traditional retail enterprise. Online businesses do not require large premises for staff and sale persons, because they can be run from your own home. This does depend on your line of products, but we are assuming you can stock these items easily enough at home. The cost is far less and you will reach a wider audience online, but you will need to follow a few key steps if you wish to achieve your potential.


Choose a name for your website, if you have already got a business name in mind, see if you can use this. You will need to check the domain name registrar to see if your desired website name doesn’t already exist. You can always choose something similar and alter your business name to match. As a rule it is a good idea to have the two entities named identically, otherwise potential customers could be tricked into visiting your rival’s site. If you aren’t too up to date on website design, you can use a web hosting service that will set you up with shopping cart software templates. It is best to start with a basic design, you can always add when you are more established. You will also need to establish an Internet merchant account for your transactions.

Online Store Options

If you do not like the idea of your own website, there is another option available to you. There are some very successful online marketplace applications that allow the individual to sell their merchandise legally. You can sign up for an account and the application will help you to set up your own virtual shop. They are usually connected to verified payment options and you can be ready to sell and buy within minutes.


Unless you are ace with a camera, you should ask a professional to take photos of your merchandise. Add a full description and include any important details such as measurements etc. Specify the postage charges and ensure you are accurate with the costs, or otherwise you may end up losing money on the deal – Good Luck!

Author Bio: Kyle Adams is a native Hawaiian blogger and a fashion designer with a fashion design and merchandising degree. Over the past 10 years, she has developed successful fashion styles and also authored various posts on internet and newspapers.

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