BWelford’s Monthly Round-Up For July 2009

This is the online version of the SMM Newsletter. It offers a monthly summary and a selection of the most popular posts written by Barry Welford (online name BWelford) during the past month.

Monthly Highlights

Microsoft will swallow Yahoo! Search

The biggest news item is that finally Microsoft and Yahoo are getting together. Or as Times Online put it, this is Microsoft’s sweet Yahoo deal to take on Google.

Microsoft’s Bing search service will become Yahoo’s search engine, and gain almost 30% of the search market. It is the end of an era in Search, reducing the field to two key players: Microsoft and its arch enemy Google. Microsoft will pay Yahoo 88% of the search revenue generated from its sites in the first five years of the agreement. For Yahoo, once the leader in online search, it is the end of the road.

Top Twelve Posts

We hope you will find this round-up of a dozen of the most popular posts instructive and in some cases thought-provoking. You can receive an e-mail version of this if you prefer. In that case, please subscribe via the field in the middle of the right sidebar.

The blogs in which the posts appeared are indicated by the following abbreviations after the date: BPW = BPWrap; SGL = StayGoLinks; SMm = Senior Money Memos; SSc = SEO-Scoop, a Search Engine People blog; SEP = Search Engine People blog; TOBB = The Other Bloke’s Blog
Content May Be The SEO King But Check The Palace Architecture – 07/31/2009 BPW
SEOs debate and argue whether content or links is most important in getting high keyword rankings. Website architecture probably will give better improvements.
Google, Apple In Conflict While Microsoft, Yahoo Agree – 07/29/2009 BPW
The Microsoft Yahoo search deal may be the main headline but a conflict between Google and Apple on search results may have more serious consequences.
Getting Your Local Business On The Map In Metro Vancouver – 07/22/2009 OBB
Getting correctly located in the Google Local Business Center requires citations from a number of other directory sources. Getting corrections is not easy.
British Expats Financial Checklist – 07/20/2009 SMm
British expats should carefully review all financial factors and differences in laws and regulations to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Wot No Google Local Search – 07/19/2009 BPW
Google Local Search is the subject of much discussion, but is not available except in Mobile Search. Otherwise they show local results where appropriate.
Check Mobile Customers Search And Find Your Website – 07/19/2009 SGL
Google Mobile Search gives very different results from Google Universal Search. A simulation allows you to check Google Mobile Search results.
The 1209 Beer by Greene King – 07/15/2009 OBB
2009 is the 800th anniversary of the founding of Cambridge University and the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species.
What Have You Done For Me Today? – 07/15/2009 SEP
To keep customers loyal and enthusiastic, it is important to be offering them items they will value from time to time.
Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime Or A Minute – 07/10/2009 OBB
Gab Goldenberg thinks Seth Godin is wrong on Free and journalists’ pay but in this attention economy his messy description is exactly right.
Latest Gmail Phishing Very Tough To Spot – Watch Out – 07/04/2009 OBB
The latest Gmail phishing exploit is particularly professional and difficult to spot. Only the URL on the spoof Gmail Welcome Page reveals the trick.
Are You Mobile Web Ready? – 07/03/2009 SGL
For the Mobile Web, an appropriate website should be designed that will give a good user experience. LBOST is the SMM Mobile website for Local Business.
Five Ways To Turn Blog Comments Into Conversations – 07/01/2009 SSc
Blogs often allow comments but these rarely result in real conversations. A better format is to allow the discussion to take place in a Forum, which gives more space and structure for discussion.
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