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The blogs in which the posts appeared are indicated by the following abbreviations after the date: BPW = BPWrap; DIR = DirJournal Marketing Articles; SGL = StayGoLinks; SMm = Senior Money Memos; SSc = SEO-Scoop, a Search Engine People blog; TOBB = The Other Bloke’s Blog; VC = Viral Conversations
Twitter, The Blog Killer – 01/29/2009 SGL
The wide popularity of Twitter is making blogging more difficult as Mark Evans states. However more people now use mobile devices.
How Well Do You Use Your Twittersphere? – 01/28/2009 SSc
Twitter can be an irritating noisy diversion or a process for dialoguing with your friends: effective use requires some interface such as Tweetdeck to derive maximum benefit.
UK Ministry Of Silly Walks– 01/23/2009 SMm
Monty Python on its YouTube channel offers free viewing of all its videos in the hope that you will then buy the DVDs from Amazon.
A Fluid Google Favicon – 01/20/2009 BPW
Google has adopted a somewhat fuzzy, fluid favicon reflecting the view that brands should be in constant evolution. A sharp favicon seems better.
Top 100 Lists Are Over The Top – 01/14/2009 DIR
Top 100 lists are like society columns with only fleeting recognition for those listed. They may have some small value in creating back links.
How Will Search Change In 2009? – 01/09/2009 DIR
2009 will probably be the year in which Mobile Search becomes more important than regular search so one needs a mobile-friendly websites.
Make That Elevator Speech A Twitter Intro – 01/06/2009 TOBB
Elevator speeches seem somewhat archaic in this online world. A Twitter Intro in 140 characters and spaces seems much more appropriate.
All About Money – 2008/12/28 SMm
Money is of interest to all and there are many descriptions and celebrations of its characteristics and the feeling of well being it brings.
Mobile Search – The pro and cons of developing a mobile version of your website – 12/26/2008 DIR
The Mobile Web is now bigger than the PC Internet Web and having a mobile version of a website is rapidly becoming a priority.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – 12/26/2008 SMm
Eartha Kitt died at 81. Any of her adoring fans would have been delighted to be the millionaire that this old-fashioned girl was looking for.
Put Your Right Footer In – 12/15/2008 DIR
Fact-filled footers with many links can provide more navigation help to the enthusiastic website visitor and may make websites more sticky.
Visitors Bounce – 12/09/2008 BPW
The bounce rate for visitor traffic is a good measure of the relevance of a web page. Sticky websites will likely get higher Google rankings.
SearchWiki or Search Sticky – 12/03/2008 BPW
Basing search on searchers votes seems much less reliable than basing this on how they act. Sticky-SEO describes the future of search.

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