Why Google Loves Videos

imBroadcast is a place to find really cool video movies mostly on Internet Marketing, thanks to Loren Baker of SEJournal.  Since Google is taking a much greater interest in videos in its universal search, this is an important new venue for Internet marketers. It’s very much a typical social media site with the opportunity to rate videos.  I am sure it will turn out to be a most successful venture.  I’m bwelford  there if anyone is looking for a friend.

Recaptcha Example

A moment’s reflection will confirm why videos are proving to be much more Google visible than images, where Google seems to be struggling.  Perhaps the easiest example is that people use Captcha items to try to stop bots (computers) that try to enter websites and leave malware or inappropriate content.  That’s because character recognition is fairly tough.  When you think images, sometimes it’s only the surrounding text that allows computers to know what the image represents.

On the other hand videos often have a high audio content and speech technology is advancing very fast.  This allows such content, if someone is speaking, to be converted to text.  Text of course is food and drink to the search engine algorithms.  That explains why Google was so eager to acquire YouTube.  Video watching is something that appeals to a very large audience.  It’s no wonder that Google puts a priority on being there, with the opportunity to serve up its advertising.

Given the way the various media are interrelating now, it is important for any Internet marketer to be visible in the more important ones.  imBroadcast provides a real opportunity here.

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