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POW! Did that get your attention? Was it the POW or the exclamation mark. Apparently comic book legend Stan Lee, one of the forces behind Spider-Man and the X-Men, is helping to develop a new superhero property, “Legion of 5.” His company POW! Entertainment has teamed up with Utah investment firm Brighton Partners and Vancouver-based producer Rainmaker Entertainment to turn the concept into a series of computer-animated films. Plans call for Rainmaker to create the look of the characters as well as develop and produce the feature-length computer-animated film properties. Separately, Stan Lee has already got three projects on the go at Disney, which houses POW!

Using that exclamation point to draw attention is a decidedly human approach. Andy Nulman has adopted the same device twice in his blog, Pow! Right Between The Eyes! He’s a strong proponent of the power of surprise in getting attention. However both Stan Lee and Andy Nulman may not realize that we live in a Google world. Many people find their way around almost entirely by Googling where they want to go. Unfortunately Google entirely disregards that exclamation mark. Here’s what they say on the Use of punctuation in Search.

Google doesn’t recognize special characters such as exclamation points, question marks, or the @ sign. These types of characters are so common that including them in a search would greatly slow the delivery of the search results.


Both Stan Lee and Andy Nulman probably knew that, since their domain names are missing the exclamation mark as well. They’re not the first to be faced with that dilemma. The most well-known example is Yahoo!. Their domain is of course www.yahoo.com

So is that game over for the exclamation mark as we all go relentlessly into an increasingly cyber-world. Not quite, since Yahoo! is trying to gain some respect for that punctuation mark. Here’s how.

The exclamation point (!) is a feature unique to Yahoo! Search. It means “take me there!”

If you search with a “!” added at the end of your favorite Yahoo! feature or service , you’ll bypass search results and go directly to the main page of that service on Yahoo!. This is a new way to navigate throughout the Yahoo! Network.

All we can say is ‘Good Luck!

Reference: SWOT That Company (Yahoo!) Name

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  1. Great point (pun sadly intended), Barry. Other than the ubiquitous “dot,” punctuation is the web world’s poor cousin. I would rather be remembered as an exclamation mark or even an ellipses than as a mere pairing of initials any time. And to be mentioned in the same breath as my hero Stan Lee, EXCELSIOR!!!!!

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