Google BlogSearch for Hot News Items

Google has a whole heap of goodies for those who enjoy surfing the Internet. One of the best is one of the least known. That’s Google BlogSearch.

Of course everyone knows that you can Google to find what you’re looking for, .. even lost relatives. However the experts know that things now usually take a time to get into Google. If you want to know about something that’s hot news, where do you look?

If it got into the regular, traditional news media, then you may be able to find it by doing a Google News search. That can be much more up-to-date since it’s dealing with only a few thousand of the major news vehicles and can give a fairly intensive screening of what they have to offer. However not everything gets into the regular media.

Another way of checking what may be out there is to see whether any of the myriad bloggers has written something on it. Blogs can be much more easily checked since they usually put out news feeds just like the major media such as the BBC or CNN. The universe of news feeds is completely independent of the universe of web pages. However a news feed provides an alert that a new web page has been created.

What Google introduced last year was a way of searching all these blog news feeds to give you a fast worldview through blogs of what may be happening. They’ve been quietly refining this tool. An important addition just 4 weeks ago was a new Search button that allowed you to better link with what you may see in the regular web page world.

This week they’ve announced some further improvements. In particular you can now look only at very recent blog postings and filter out outdated posts. Unfortunately they still haven’t yet put a Google BlogSearch button on their regular Google search page. It’s only a matter of time until they do, but until then Google BlogSearch is likely to remain a somewhat hidden jewel for those in the know.

Unfortunately, as time has passed, Google Blogsearch has lost some of its appeal. By October 2007 there seemed to be a lack of effort on Google’s part as we recorded in Google BlogSearch, The Neglected Orphan. The decline continued and in the following month we suggested that Google BlogSearch Is Broken.

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