St-Patrick’s Day Breakfast with the Canadian Podcasting Corporation

I had a great start to the day. I was invited to a St-Patrick’s Day Breakfast at the Old Dublin Pub & Restaurant. It was broadcast live as part of the Montreal Daybreak show. The Irish play a big part in the multicultural nature of Montreal. They’ve been there from the start and the Victoria Bridge, Montreal’s oldest, has a stone, The Irish Stone, commemorating those Irish immigrants whose remains were found when the bridge was being constructed in 1859.

What a fine and fun breakfast it was. We were serenaded from time to time by the soulful voice of a wonderful young singer, Emm Gryner. Then we were honoured by the presence of the Grand Marshall of the St-Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s the oldest St-Patrick’s Day Parade in North America and the Grand Marshall, Margaret Healy, is the first woman to occupy that position in the 181 year history of the parade. She was accompanied by the Queen, Stephanie Glezos, and her court. This is now the 50th year in which the Parade has had a Queen. It all bodes well for another great parade in Montreal.

Perhaps some have wondered about that Canadian Podcasting Corporation. Well it’s currently called the CBC, that’s the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. However on a historic occasion like this, it’s mind-blowing to consider the pace at which technology is changing the way we live. Broadcasting is one of those old product-driven kinds of technology. The supplier supplies the produce and you line up to listen to it at the time it’s broadcast. On so many fronts, the world is moving to a ‘customer-centric’ view of how customers should be supplied.

Podcasting represents just that. It’s not linked to Apple’s iPod, although Apple must be most happy about any possible confusion. Podcasting is a way that audio segments can be supplied so that via your computer you can hear them when you want to. CBC is now testing that out at the moment. You can find out more at the CBC web page on it. You’ll find the definition there.

Podcasting is a process that puts audio files (or ?podcasts?) online, and allows software to find and download the files to a computer or personal media player.

It’s very similar to all those RSS newsfeeds you may have read about. You can learn more from such a newsfeed available from Tod Maffin, who covers CBC Radio’s Tech Column.

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