Why Your Office Might Be Stuck In The Past And Stifling Creativity.

old calculatorThis article is contributed by Samuel Gates.

The way most businesses operate and run their offices on a day to day basis is very old fashioned. While most companies will stick to principles that have historically proven successful, and will have invested a lot of time and effort into things like their office design and their choice of furniture; they unfortunately will also often be stuck in the past and be loath to try new things. Continue reading

5 Ways To Boost Your Employees Productivity So You Make More Money

This article is contributed by Sheldon Lewis.getting the job done

What is the biggest thing holding your company back at the moment? Unless you have the greatest employees in the world it is probably the productivity of the entire workforce. Some people like to sit around taking their time when they work. This is OK up until a certain point, but when they start taking advantage of the fact they get paid an hourly wage it can have a big impact on the amount of money you make. Can you imagine how much profit you would make if everyone started working twice as hard? Continue reading

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