It has been quite a week for Joe. No I am not thinking Joe Biden nor Joe the plumber, although both have been grabbing headlines this week.

Nor am I thinking Joe Average, although it provides a good reminder of what the name Joe conjures up in many people’s minds.

Joe Average – everyman, extraordinaire – is a comic strip published daily, thanks to Keenspot. The comic’s main focus is Joe, the classic put-upon everyman… The kind of guy who is the “glue of society;” not spectacular, yet not mediocre. The strip deals with his pseudo-depressing exploits and his day-to-day struggles to deal with a variety of everyday situations, ranging from school, work, and the relentless pursuit of Ms. Right, to the Hellish torture that is waiting in line for fast food.

No, the Joe I am thinking about is closer to home. Kate Trgovac reminded me of that in her post on voting in the Canadian election. As she said, although it is a beer commercial, it is brilliant. It is of course Joe exulting in the fact that he is Canadian. None of us are faceless Joe averages. Each of us has a unique perspective on the world. Let’s hear it for Joe.

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Google, The Real Thing

Google’s Most Valuable Asset, Its People

Well it’s just over 10 years since Google started. It sometimes is criticized for some of its actions but in that time it has done some pretty amazing things .. and the future looks even more promising.

I say that after seeing a really good video where some of the key employees talk about the past and the future. I so enjoyed it I thought my readers might wish to as well so here it is.

There will be some pretty astonishing developments in a number of fields. However for me I am particularly anxious to see how their mobile web projects develop using speech technology. That of course will support more intensive cloud computing. We are in for exciting times. Watch the video to share the enthusiasm of those Googlers. It’s inspiring.

Why not add your comment on your reactions to this Google future.

MRN – Marketing Right Now

MRN is Right on Time.

Marketing Right Now or MRN is something I hope you will be hearing a lot about. It is a series of articles that will appear on the Cre8tive Flow blog and the first one, the Introduction, launched this morning. You will find more information on this series on the MRN Marketing Right Now web page and there is also a short video that gives you more information.

The title, Marketing Right Now, was carefully chosen because it includes a double meaning. Marketing Right is fairly straightforward. Marketing on the Internet may look straightforward but is thick with hidden traps for the unwary. This series will help to provide rules and tips for better marketing in this new space.

Right Now highlights time. In doing research for the series, I have been staggered by how much is written on Time and yet how easily people accept the disrespect that many show towards time. I think it is because we have all been worn down by so many individuals and agencies that seem to treat time almost as a nothing. Your call is important to us is only the tip of the iceberg. Our expectations are low and that is usually what we receive. Time is an underlying theme in all the articles and I think you will be as amazed as I am on some of the implications.

The other pleasing thing about Marketing Right Now is the acronym, MRN. Surprisingly there are few contenders for this acronym. The one that caught my eye was MRN – Morgue Reference Number – given the morbid interest that so many people seem to have in programs like CSI and Bones. However since I had not heard it before, perhaps it is only known to the practitioners.

In announcing this new marketing series, at the same time it also signals the end of the traditional SMM newsletters, which have been ongoing since 2000. Given the visibility that Google accords to blog posts, it is now more appropriate to publish similar information on the blogs since this goes out to a wider audience. The archive of SMM newsletters will be maintained, since it still has a wide readership. An e-mail newsletter will still be available, but this will summarize the more significant blog posts that have appeared during the month. If that is of interest, please drop us a line.

Best Value Conferencing

Attending trade shows and conferences can be expensive, particularly given the high cost of transportation. It does raise the question whether through Internet marketing you can make equally effective contact with customers.

Web conferencing is now one possibility that some companies are using to overcome the cost barrier. However you may lose the personal touch in such events. Audio conferencing can be one way of adding more to the communication process. By organizing a video conference, you can even make sure that the exchange will be almost as good as being there. The other advantage of such conferencing arrangements is that a permanent record of the proceedings can easily be developed. This can provide additional revenues to the conference organizers.

Despite these advantages, meeting face-to-face is always the ideal and it is interesting to see how people are achieving this. It’s mostly a question of going local. Indeed two of my favorite people are speaking at such local events. Kim Krause Berg, the owner of Cre8asite Forums, is speaking at Search Camp Philly on September 6 and 7.

At just $21 for an entire weekend of site clinics, talks and 4 tracks from Basic to Advanced 2 on web design and search engine marketing, Search Camp Philly can’t be beat!

Later in September, Donna Fontenot, widely known on the web as DazzlinDonna, invites everyone to meet her at WordCamp in Birmingham, AL

The Southeast United States is getting its first WordCamp ever! I’ll be speaking on SEO for WordPress there. It’s going to be held September 27-28, 2008. The cost is only $25, so it’s well worth it!

Congratulations to them both. I am sure both events will be real successes.

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Mottos Versus Missions

Mission Mantra Motto which drives you?

This post was triggered via a somewhat circuitous route by a post that Guy Kawasaki wrote in January 2006. His was entitled Mantras Versus Missions. It then reappeared in an hour long video he gave at Gnomedex 2007 on Evangelism. As always, he is most entertaining. It’s certainly true that many organizations labor long and hard to produce mission statements that could apply to almost any company. Whether a mantra is the answer is to my mind questionable. What is more important is something that speaks to customers. That is why I recommend a motto or tagline. I will be speaking more on that in a later post.

I stumbled on this video from the past by scanning one of the most up-to-the-minute vehicles on the Internet. If you want to be aware of what the movers and shakers are doing, then you need to follow them on Twitter. This past weekend the most popular word on Twitter was Biden for Barak Obama‘s vice presidential nomination. The second most popular word was gnomedex. Chris Pirillo and his partner Ponzi were hosting the eighth Gnomedex conference bringing together the world’s leading bloggers, podcasters, and tech-savvy enthusiasts in the city of Seattle, Washington

If you would like to check out more of the content of this conference, the Gnomedex 2008 videos are available. As I checked out the Gnomedex website, I found the Guy Kawasaki Gnomedex 2007 video on How To Do Evangelism.

If you have an hour to spare it is a most entertaining video from one of those involved in the early days at Apple.

Even though I believe a motto may work better than a mantra, I highly recommend this video. It is also an intriguing example of the paradox of the Internet. Something can last almost forever on the Internet. At the same time there is a torrent of tweaks that have value only for the very briefest of times.