Stronger Titles Or Headlines For More Visitor Traffic

This week saw the launch of a new service by Lyndon Antcliff from entitled Magnetic Web Content. Its tag line is "Link building with magnetic content" and Antcliff is a master at that. A weekly newsletter is offered and access to a private Forum. The aim is to offer access to unique, exciting content and headline ideas. The fee for that service is $50 per month and for anyone who writes frequently it is probably a worthwhile investment.

There is a strong emphasis on headlines with some information provided for free in the associated blog. For example a recent post covers Headlines for Article Writing. That caught my eye and was the genesis of a new SMM service. Headlines is, of course, a term that comes from the print media and Antcliff is a master of creating headlines that smash a brick into the face of the reader. An associated term for blogs is the Title and the two are not always the same.

Titles versus Headlines

This SMM service is all about Titles. The Title of a blog post is usually also the Headline but we prefer to use the term Title to make absolutely clear what is intended. The reason for this emphasis is that the Title is of critical importance in creating posts that will rank well in Google keyword searches. Since most blog posts will see the majority of their visitor traffic coming via keyword searches, it is important to think about search engines as well as human visitors in creating Titles that work well.

SMM offers a low-cost Blog Post Title-Plus Service. For an introductory period, an even lower price is offered. If you need help in developing winning Titles, you should check this new service out.

Writing Memorable Search Visible Blog Posts


The user-friendliness of blogging software has made it easy for anyone who would like to communicate with the world to do so. That explains a large part of the millions and millions of blogs that now populate the blogosphere. Others who see the moneymaking potential of blogging by adding advertisements to their blogs add to the flood. Given this cacophony, how does anyone with a serious view to express ensure that it stands above the crowd?
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