Do Your Staff Feel Appreciated?

applause This article is contributed by Eden Jose.

One of the biggest problems facing businesses is keeping the right balance between keeping their staff happy, and being seen as a soft touch. While as a manager or business owner it is vital that your staff respect you and are productive every day, it is also important that they enjoy working for you and aren’t as likely to be lured away by your competitors. Whether you employ minimum wage workers or top level sales executives, it is still better to keep the staff you have invested in hiring and training than replace them, and attrition is a problem in just about every industry there is. Continue reading “Do Your Staff Feel Appreciated?”

How to Get the Most From Your Staff With Four Simple Steps

This article is contributed by Peter Jackson.

There are many things that affect how useful and productive your staff are. Of course this will come down to their individual skills and how well you choose the right people for the right jobs. Continue reading “How to Get the Most From Your Staff With Four Simple Steps”