The Best Tablets For Manual Jobs

engineerThis article is contributed by Peter Johnson.

If you run a business that operates ‘on site’ such as a construction business or a mining company, then you might not spend much time worrying about computers or technology. Generally the assumption is that computers are more of a concern for offices and that they require desks, power sockets and the like to be of much use.

This is an outdated view however, and these days it’s important to realise that all that is changing. Thanks to the process of convergence, our devices are getting constantly smaller and more portable, while also getting more powerful, flexible and productive. These days you can do on a handheld tablet what would once have required a full-blown desktop PC. Continue reading “The Best Tablets For Manual Jobs”

Fast Service For Your Ipad Customers

proud ipad user

The big news in 2012 has been the almost explosive growth in sales of tablet computers such as the Ipad.  What has also been noted is that the people with these mobile devices often use them to make purchases.  For example, according to a survey by comScore, the rapid adoption of iPads and other tablets is speeding up the growth in travel bookings on mobile devices.  In the first half of 2012, the study estimates that 61% of tablet owners made a purchase on their device in the first half of the year, while 34% booked travel.

This suggests real opportunities for product marketers but there is a fly in the ointment. Continue reading “Fast Service For Your Ipad Customers”

Better Business Networking Tools

This article is contributed by Deana Jones.

If you are going to a business event then you will likely be hoping to use this as an opportunity to network and to find potential future clients, customers and business partners. This is an invaluable opportunity to spread the word about your business but also to ally yourself with people who can bring more to the table and help you increase your offerings. Continue reading “Better Business Networking Tools”