Bringing Local Traffic to Your Website

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When you set up your online business, you may wonder exactly how to attract local traffic to your website. If you are new to running a virtual business, you could benefit by working with a service to help you with this task. Partnering with a service that specializes in tactics like local SEO could help you generate the daily traffic you need and help you stay financially afloat as your competitors lag behind you. Continue reading

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Who Is Talking About You

talking to the worldThe reputation of an individual matters in today’s world, both professionally and personally. There are numerous times when others may use a simple search via the web to garner  more information about a person, whether it is for checking credentials, following up on information provided, or simply out of human curiosity. Often times the search yields results including legal history, public records, newspaper clippings or mentions, and social media pages, among other online results that may pop up.  Continue reading

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Social Media Recruitment


It you need any confirmation that social media are where it is happening then the headline that Obama tweet sets record should convince you.  Social media provide an opportunity for any business activity also.  What may have worked in the past may no longer be the most effective way of working in this social media world. Continue reading

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Keeping In Touch

It used to be easy to stay in touch with your friends when the telephone system was less automatic.  Calls were put through on a switchboard when a human being physically connected  two telephone lines.   If you lived in a small village, the telephone switchboard lady could probably tell you whether your friend was at home or not.  Continue reading

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12 Things to Take Care Of When Blogging About Your Business

This article is contributed by Gagan Deep.

A business blog can gain new eyeballs to your business, and build great loyalty among your existing customers. It can also boost brand awareness, and help build a customer community. However, all this is possible only when business blogging is done correctly. Continue reading

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Consumers Rock On The Web

Or Doing digital right as the Vancouver Sun headlined the item.

Big brands need not be afraid of the power that social media places in the hands of consumers, says Bonin Bough, global director of digital and social media of PepsiCo Inc.  Advertisers must realize that digital marketing cannot simply extend the creative work of a traditional media campaign.

The clout of social media is no longer in question. Positive and negative buzz from vocal online commenters can galvanize into a marketing success or a snafu very quickly,

That is why PepsiCo sponsored South by Southwest 2009 interactive and musical festival in Austin, Texas.  It was lauded as a savvy example of linking the Pepsi brand to “content” in the form of user-generated media, live music and creative events rather than using traditional advertising.

Mr.. Bough said. “If Coca-Cola is Frank Sinatra, then we are Madonna, constantly evolving,” he added, paraphrasing new media wunderkind David Armano. “The culture of PepsiCo is an evolutionary culture.” Striving to stay ahead of its rivals in the area of innovation helped Pepsi decide to launch the new Pepsi logo through social media before images were released through traditional media. “We knew we were going to get a lot of real conversation and thoughts in social media and that was what we wanted.”

Apparently PepsiCo will still have traditional agencies of record for brands, but for social and digital programs they will be looking for all the non-traditional people who can help think about these very different digital media and how best to develop communication programs.

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Are You On Google?

What sort of question is that?  Isn’t everyone on Google to a certain extent?  However you probably do not believe it is something you join like Facebook or Twitter.

Well that has changed although you may have missed the memo.  As MG Siegler has pointed out, Google Profiles Is Taking An Important Social Step With Vanity URLs.

The problem with Google’s movement towards becoming more of a social entity is that it lacks one cohesive place to tie everything together. Google lacks a singular area – like a Facebook profile page – where all that Google knows about you can reside and be easily seen. Actually there is such an area, Google Profiles and Google is now making it quite a bit easier to find.

So are you on Google?  You can check this out with the following search for your name on Google Profiles.

google logo

If you already have a Google Account and have a Gmail address, then you are well along in joining this new potential social network.

Mike Elgan believes this will be Google’s ‘Facebook Killer’.  He feels that Google is just one acquisition away from offering a social network that does everything Facebook does, minus all the things everybody hates about Facebook.  That acquisition he is pushing for is that Google should buy Twitter.

The end result of this integration would be a social network far better than Facebook.  Rather than being a link dead-end like Facebook, Profiles would be a launching pad of discoverability for everything you want to promote. It would be cleaner, faster and easier to use than Facebook. And it would be a one-stop shop for both social networking and Twitter.

I believe he is over-valuing what Twitter would bring to such an acquisition.  Twitter has relatively rudimentary features and undoubtedly the Twitter owners will put far too high a price on their social network.  If Google was of a mind to add the social media trappings to Google Profiles, it would not be rocket science to do so.  The Google name would ensure people would flock to it.  Indeed how many of you reading this have already claimed your Google Profile once you heard about it.

All the concept needs is a little marketing.  Google Profiles is clearly a no-no. Thinking over possible names and remembering the precedent of the Google Chrome browser, one name jumps out.

Google Glitter!  The name would almost market itself.  The related concepts are multitudinous.  Status reports would be glints of course.  Perhaps if some related helpful ideas come to mind for Google, you could add them in the comments.   It undoubtedly would be much cheaper to buy the appropriate domain(s) and/or trademark(s) to allow the concept to shine than it would to buy that tottering whale.

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Why Google Loves Videos

imBroadcast is a place to find really cool video movies mostly on Internet Marketing, thanks to Loren Baker of SEJournal.  Since Google is taking a much greater interest in videos in its universal search, this is an important new venue for Internet marketers. It’s very much a typical social media site with the opportunity to rate videos.  I am sure it will turn out to be a most successful venture.  I’m bwelford  there if anyone is looking for a friend.

Recaptcha Example

A moment’s reflection will confirm why videos are proving to be much more Google visible than images, where Google seems to be struggling.  Perhaps the easiest example is that people use Captcha items to try to stop bots (computers) that try to enter websites and leave malware or inappropriate content.  That’s because character recognition is fairly tough.  When you think images, sometimes it’s only the surrounding text that allows computers to know what the image represents.

On the other hand videos often have a high audio content and speech technology is advancing very fast.  This allows such content, if someone is speaking, to be converted to text.  Text of course is food and drink to the search engine algorithms.  That explains why Google was so eager to acquire YouTube.  Video watching is something that appeals to a very large audience.  It’s no wonder that Google puts a priority on being there, with the opportunity to serve up its advertising.

Given the way the various media are interrelating now, it is important for any Internet marketer to be visible in the more important ones.  imBroadcast provides a real opportunity here.

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Blogs Were Hot News In February

Blogs make the headlines

Welcome to the first post of The Other Bloke’s Blog in its new livery. This new version uses WordPress software rather than the Google Blogger software, which had been used to-date. All previous 272 blog posts were successfully transferred in a way which maintained their Google keyword visibility unchanged from the word Go. Details of this will be published in a subsequent post.

So why were blogs in the headlines in February? There were three principal reasons:

  • Some high visibility blogs were attacked by very skillful hackers
  • Google made blog posts much more visible in its keyword searches
  • Big business began to realize the power of blogs for marketing

Attacks By Hackers

Over the past three months, a number of high-traffic blogs have been hacked by skillful hackers. Some of these were well-known in the Internet marketing world including Small Business Trends (Anita Campbell) and Cornwall-SEO (Lyndon Antcliff) and also two of the SMM blogs. The most skillful hackers do it in such a way that it may be hidden from the website owner but is very visible to search engines, thus offering the possibility of rapid returns. If you want to learn more from our experiences, visit any one of the three part series:

The two key messages are:

  1. Keep a high level of security on your blog, particularly if it ranks well with the search engines.
  2. Be continually vigilant, particularly after weekends or statutory holidays.

One approach for the latter is outlined in Fast Alarm For Hidden WordPress Hackers.

Google Makes Blog Posts Much More Visible

As it happens, these attacks were happening as Google began to make blog posts much more visible in keyword searches. Blog posts can appear within a matter of hours at the top of the regular Web search results for appropriate keywords. Normal web pages may take days or weeks to appear. It’s a phenomenon that many have commented on as you can see in Blogs Take Center Stage For Marketers And For Google.

Paradoxically Google Blogsearch now may take days to list blog posts where once it would have displayed them within an hour or two. This may be caused by the large volume of spam websites that are now being created in the Google Blogger system. The resources do not seem to be applied to maintain the performance of Google Blogsearch. Perhaps this is because blogs are now so prominent in the regular Google Web search. It’s been clear for some time that Google BlogSearch Is Broken and there’s no sign of improvement at the moment.

Marketers See The Power Of Blogs

Although the search engine visibility of blogs had been increasing for some time, the latest boost is making them even more attractive. This is a current theme in marketing circles. Business Week had a long article extolling the virtue of blogs for large companies, Social Media Will Change Your Business. As the article points out:

Blogs could end up providing the perfect response to mass media?s core concern: the splintering of its audience. … In a world chock-full of citizen publishers, we mainstream types control an ever-smaller chunk of human knowledge. Some of us will work to draw in more of what the bloggers know, vetting it, editing it, and packaging it into our closed productions. But here?s betting that we also forge ahead in the open world. The measure of success in that world is not a finished product. The winners will be those who host the very best conversations.

For small and mid-sized businesses the message is even clearer. A blog will do much more for you on the Internet than a traditional website. That’s been apparent for some time.

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