What an SEO Company Does for You

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A search engine optimization company is one that specializes in customizing your website so that from a search engine’s perspective, it offers rich, unique content. The more esteemed your website is in the eyes of search engines, the higher it will rank. A simple translation: if a search engine likes your website, when your customers are searching for you via relevant keywords, your website will be listed higher than those of your competitors. Continue reading “What an SEO Company Does for You”

AdWords targeting

Google has worked hard to improve the quality of the AdWords adds that appear on blogs such as this.  The AdWords blog frequently has posts on how the quality scores are being improved.  In general that means that the banner ad and the ad at the top of the right sidebar should hopefully appeal to visitors to the blog.

It was therefore somewhat surprising to note from traffic data the following block of ads in the right sidebar which one Google searcher would have seen.  Can you guess what post that appeared with? 

chivas adsense ads

Surprisingly it was a post about a super-premium blended Scotch called Chivas 25 that retails in Canada for $400 dollars a bottle.  The AdWords advertisers are clearly targeting high rollers.  At least that is clear for all except the second advertiser.  No wonder they are looking for worship on a budget if they have such expensive tastes.


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