It has been quite a week for Joe. No I am not thinking Joe Biden nor Joe the plumber, although both have been grabbing headlines this week.

Nor am I thinking Joe Average, although it provides a good reminder of what the name Joe conjures up in many people’s minds.

Joe Average – everyman, extraordinaire – is a comic strip published daily, thanks to Keenspot. The comic’s main focus is Joe, the classic put-upon everyman… The kind of guy who is the “glue of society;” not spectacular, yet not mediocre. The strip deals with his pseudo-depressing exploits and his day-to-day struggles to deal with a variety of everyday situations, ranging from school, work, and the relentless pursuit of Ms. Right, to the Hellish torture that is waiting in line for fast food.

No, the Joe I am thinking about is closer to home. Kate Trgovac reminded me of that in her post on voting in the Canadian election. As she said, although it is a beer commercial, it is brilliant. It is of course Joe exulting in the fact that he is Canadian. None of us are faceless Joe averages. Each of us has a unique perspective on the world. Let’s hear it for Joe.

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