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Do Advertising Agencies Get The Internet?

Traditional advertising agencies like traditional newspapers may have difficulty getting their mind around the true nature of the Internet.  It’s not just another medium of communication on which you can place media advertising.  There’s a rather good ROB interview with Claude Lessard, chairman and CEO of what is now known simply as Cossette, that illustrates this.

Clearly as for many other companies, 2009 will be a tough year for Cossette:

Annus horribilis? An overstatement. Still, when you find yourself no longer agency of record for BCE Inc. (your largest client), and you see what’s happening in the auto sector (another big client), and you observe an economic collapse for which you can find no apt comparison, it’s a good idea to find a new way to look at the world. Or a new way to get the world to look at you.


Cossette is a company with a lot of talent but it is interesting to note Mr. Lessard’s answer to one question:

Are you able to discern any trends being exhibited by those companies that are retrenching?

Yes … they will look at other means of reaching their consumers. … As you know, our industry has gone through a huge change in the last five, six years. … Clearly, we’ll see some clients now, because of the context, looking more seriously at their alternatives in terms of maximizing their investment. … For example, putting more money in the digital world because it’s a world where you can measure results. … A recession is a great time for leaders to become ever stronger. Yes, they have to cut, but they have to stay very, very aggressive. The good companies, and we have many in our portfolio, are leaders in their categories. I suspect that they will try to stay very aggressive, maybe doing more with less money. That’s where we come in. …

The present recession does require that companies learn to do more with less.  Surprisingly Mr. Lessard does not mention that the ROI (Return on Investment) will be very much higher with Internet Marketing than with traditional media advertising.  For him, his only reason mentioned is that ‘you can measure results’. 

Some have opined that the reason why Internet Marketing tends to get underplayed is that the traditional media companies have a great deal of investment tied up in the older channels of communication.  That may be one reason for this Internet myopia.  However it may be that traditional advertising agencies just don’t get the Internet.

Why Google Loves Videos

imBroadcast is a place to find really cool video movies mostly on Internet Marketing, thanks to Loren Baker of SEJournal.  Since Google is taking a much greater interest in videos in its universal search, this is an important new venue for Internet marketers. It’s very much a typical social media site with the opportunity to rate videos.  I am sure it will turn out to be a most successful venture.  I’m bwelford  there if anyone is looking for a friend.

Recaptcha Example

A moment’s reflection will confirm why videos are proving to be much more Google visible than images, where Google seems to be struggling.  Perhaps the easiest example is that people use Captcha items to try to stop bots (computers) that try to enter websites and leave malware or inappropriate content.  That’s because character recognition is fairly tough.  When you think images, sometimes it’s only the surrounding text that allows computers to know what the image represents.

On the other hand videos often have a high audio content and speech technology is advancing very fast.  This allows such content, if someone is speaking, to be converted to text.  Text of course is food and drink to the search engine algorithms.  That explains why Google was so eager to acquire YouTube.  Video watching is something that appeals to a very large audience.  It’s no wonder that Google puts a priority on being there, with the opportunity to serve up its advertising.

Given the way the various media are interrelating now, it is important for any Internet marketer to be visible in the more important ones.  imBroadcast provides a real opportunity here.

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MRN – Marketing Right Now

MRN is Right on Time.

Marketing Right Now or MRN is something I hope you will be hearing a lot about. It is a series of articles that will appear on the Cre8tive Flow blog and the first one, the Introduction, launched this morning. You will find more information on this series on the MRN Marketing Right Now web page and there is also a short video that gives you more information.

The title, Marketing Right Now, was carefully chosen because it includes a double meaning. Marketing Right is fairly straightforward. Marketing on the Internet may look straightforward but is thick with hidden traps for the unwary. This series will help to provide rules and tips for better marketing in this new space.

Right Now highlights time. In doing research for the series, I have been staggered by how much is written on Time and yet how easily people accept the disrespect that many show towards time. I think it is because we have all been worn down by so many individuals and agencies that seem to treat time almost as a nothing. Your call is important to us is only the tip of the iceberg. Our expectations are low and that is usually what we receive. Time is an underlying theme in all the articles and I think you will be as amazed as I am on some of the implications.

The other pleasing thing about Marketing Right Now is the acronym, MRN. Surprisingly there are few contenders for this acronym. The one that caught my eye was MRN – Morgue Reference Number – given the morbid interest that so many people seem to have in programs like CSI and Bones. However since I had not heard it before, perhaps it is only known to the practitioners.

In announcing this new marketing series, at the same time it also signals the end of the traditional SMM newsletters, which have been ongoing since 2000. Given the visibility that Google accords to blog posts, it is now more appropriate to publish similar information on the blogs since this goes out to a wider audience. The archive of SMM newsletters will be maintained, since it still has a wide readership. An e-mail newsletter will still be available, but this will summarize the more significant blog posts that have appeared during the month. If that is of interest, please drop us a line.

If I Build It, They Probably Won’t Come

Websites are like mouse traps in a forest.

The title is the answer to a question posed by Sophie Wegat of ThinkProspect. Thinking about websites, she asked “If I build it, will they come?” Unfortunately the answer is most probably not. As she said:

These days having a website is no guarantee of success. It takes blood, sweat and? yep you guess it marketing to make your online venture a success. Unfortunately too many people still think if they put a site online the masses will flock to them. And then wonder why they don?t. It?s also a myth that people like to perpetuate. Put a site online and you?ll be making millions within days.

So many bright-eyed hopefuls feel like that. Six months later it’s a very different tale. As I commented on her blog:

I think that’s the mental attitude we’ve got to spread. The website budget in terms of dollars should be 50/50 website creation versus making it perform. The owner and his/her team should probably split their efforts 10/90 in terms of website creation versus making it perform.

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