How To Choose Between Similar Candidates For A Job

representingThis article is contributed by Samantha Brave.

There are many things that make a company what it is, but few factors play as instrumental a role as the staff that that organisation is made up of. Your employees will not only be responsible for your organisation’s output, but they will also give your team its personality and affect the way it gels. They will alter the way that clients and others see your business by acting as ambassadors for your company, and they will contribute ideas and more. Continue reading “How To Choose Between Similar Candidates For A Job”

Online Health & Safety Staff Training

This article is contributed by Paul Donnelly.

Many of those in charge of a workforce, office or any kind of workplace where people gather often for a prolonged period of time will understand and appreciate the necessity for thorough health and safety training. Continue reading “Online Health & Safety Staff Training”

Unlocking The True Potential Of Your Staff Is Easier Than You Think!

This article is contributed by Chad Faith.

Every manager has, at one point or another, experienced a great deal of frustration when his employee’s performance was significantly poorer than expected. Needless to say in every business involving manager-employee interactions, conflicts generated by the following issues are bound to develop: Continue reading “Unlocking The True Potential Of Your Staff Is Easier Than You Think!”

Leadership starts with HR Skills

This article is contributed by Paul Ellett.

A Manager’s Dream

Every manager likes to think that their employees are delighted with every aspect of their job, and are content with the management support they receive each and every day. Unfortunately this cannot always be the case. Continue reading “Leadership starts with HR Skills”