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Running a small business isn’t easy. You probably don’t have the resources or funds that larger business owners have, yet you have to compete with these large businesses on a daily basis. In the past, small business owners had an even more difficult time keeping up with larger corporations, but the Internet can help level the playing field. There are plenty of great online training tools that you can utilise in order to prepare your employees and yourself to give your customers the best possible service. Continue reading “Online Business Training Tools For Entrepreneurs”

Take The Google Challenge

So many people are now Googling for answers to their questions, it is not surprising that Google brings a goodly number of visitors to most websites.  I was particularly struck by this after a simple analysis I did for an article on Search Engine Marketing in the Marketing Right Now series.

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Before I show you the results, perhaps you would like to fill-in the small survey on the right, provided your own website has more than 5000 page views per month.  This restriction is intended to give slightly greater validity to the findings.  It is completely anonymous, so please provide truthful results. 

From whatever data you have available for a reasonable period of time, say at least a month, please signify which bracket covers the percentage of visitors coming via Google to your website.  That could for example be Google analytics data if you use that.  Other traffic monitoring usually give similar data.


I suggest the result may be indicative of how well your site is optimized for Google keyword queries.  It will be very instructive to see the range of responses.  I was extremely gratified for this SMM domain with the results that appear below.  That is based on 6 months of data. 

SMM Website Traffic - 6 months

Sources of website traffic
Direct 9.40%
Search Engines Google 71.24%;
Yahoo! 2.57%
Live 1.24%
Google Images 0.98%
MSN 0.69%
Total search engines 76.72%
Others StumbleUpon 3.05%
Wikipedia 0.64%
Google blogs 0.62%
Other 9.57%

71 percent of visitors coming via Google shows the SEO is very effective.  Can anyone top that? Please add your result in the comments if your website gets a greater percentage of Google visitors. Your views on what this all means would be much appreciated too.

Update: There’s a very interesting discussion on this at Cre8asite Forums. I encourage you to join in.

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