Five Ways Marketing Interns Can Put Your Company at Risk

marketing intern

This article is contributed by Martha Taylor.

It seems that when summer approaches, more and more companies are taking on interns – and why not? It’s basically free labor.

Some companies use interns as part of their marketing department. They allow them to sit in on meetings, help out with projects and maybe even tackle bigger projects of their own. But having a marketing intern is not always the safest bet for your company, and before you decide to hire a marketing intern, here are five ways they can be putting your company at risk. Continue reading “Five Ways Marketing Interns Can Put Your Company at Risk”

How to switch careers in a tough job market

This article is contributed by Cynthia Rupp.

Have you been thinking of reinventing yourself by quitting your current job and launching a brand new career? Maybe you are dissatisfied in your current role and have always fantasized about doing something else with your life. Perhaps you were recently handed your walking papers. Irregardless of your reasoning, you should know that it is never too late to start anew and to forge ahead on the path to finding a new career. Continue reading “How to switch careers in a tough job market”

Leadership starts with HR Skills

This article is contributed by Paul Ellett.

A Manager’s Dream

Every manager likes to think that their employees are delighted with every aspect of their job, and are content with the management support they receive each and every day. Unfortunately this cannot always be the case. Continue reading “Leadership starts with HR Skills”