It has been quite a week for Joe. No I am not thinking Joe Biden nor Joe the plumber, although both have been grabbing headlines this week.

Nor am I thinking Joe Average, although it provides a good reminder of what the name Joe conjures up in many people’s minds.

Joe Average – everyman, extraordinaire – is a comic strip published daily, thanks to Keenspot. The comic’s main focus is Joe, the classic put-upon everyman… The kind of guy who is the “glue of society;” not spectacular, yet not mediocre. The strip deals with his pseudo-depressing exploits and his day-to-day struggles to deal with a variety of everyday situations, ranging from school, work, and the relentless pursuit of Ms. Right, to the Hellish torture that is waiting in line for fast food.

No, the Joe I am thinking about is closer to home. Kate Trgovac reminded me of that in her post on voting in the Canadian election. As she said, although it is a beer commercial, it is brilliant. It is of course Joe exulting in the fact that he is Canadian. None of us are faceless Joe averages. Each of us has a unique perspective on the world. Let’s hear it for Joe.

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Frank And Gordon Fired

Gordon and Frank are no longer online.

As Ken Schafer points out, those two newsworthy Canadian beavers, Frank and Gordon, that you either love or hate, seem to have been pushed out by Bell Canada. If you go to their website,, the website is down. Bell Canada bought this domain and the .com version for three years through to October 5, 2008. But already Frank and Gordon are no more.

Bell Beaver

Perhaps one of them still appears on the main Bell Canada website as of today. He asks plaintively, “Put me in coach!” We don’t even know whether it’s Frank or Gordon. Is there a lesson to be learned from this? Did Canadian beavers turn out to be less effective than rabbits or monkeys in the telecommunications business? Only Bell Canada can answer on how good Frank and Gordon were as sales representatives.

Perhaps there’s a bigger issue involved here. Old style marketing or Push marketing is a one-way communication process. It was particularly prevalent prior to the Internet. You’d normally have a marketing campaign that could be quite costly and often only affordable by the really big companies. Each year or so you might try a different campaign, sometimes changing the advertising agency at the same time. Perhaps Bell Canada saw Frank and Gordon like that. .. Just another campaign.

Frank and Gordon did not dialogue with us.

With the Internet, a new type of marketing is possible – Pull marketing. Marketing can be a dialogue process with your customers through your website. Such a dialogue requires continuity. Through time a website develops a certain visibility. Hopefully it is more visible than the competitors’ websites. Thus you develop a marketing asset, which can be a powerful element in growing your sales through Internet marketing. Part of this comes through being visible to the search engines. However if you do not maintain a certain consistency through time, then the search engines may well show you less visibly as a recent article by William Slawski suggests.

The Frank and Gordon website has just disappeared completely. Bell Canada has abandoned this Internet asset. Perhaps Ken Schafer will be the beneficiary and derive at least some benefit through his website.

Update: Frank and Gordon Live in Push Marketing

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