9 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns from the 80s and 90s

lets go shoppingThis article is contributed by Keith Richardson.

Replay all those oldie ads that made your childhood extra special. From the catchy jingles, interesting concepts to funny one-liners, relive those moments all over again. Here is a list of top 9 memorable ad campaigns from the 80s and 90s that will take you back to memory lane. Continue reading “9 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns from the 80s and 90s”

Marketing For Business Success

pulse marketingEvery business owner dreams of experiencing ultimate success within their business. However, very few business owners or operators possess the necessary marketing and advertising skills necessary for achieving their goals. Instead of hiring your own personal in-house team of professionals, companies such as Pulse Marketing are available to help get you the most exposure available. Continue reading “Marketing For Business Success”

Why You Need A Personal Brand Right Now

your personal brandThis article is contributed by Alex Gavril.

We’re all familiar with brands – Pepsi, Apple, McDonald’s are some of the most familiar names in the world.

But what about your personal brand – how you come across to other people. Does it matter? Continue reading “Why You Need A Personal Brand Right Now”

Choose A Knockout Name For Your Business

brand imagesThis article is contributed by Martha Blue.

If you are starting your own business and are still pondering over what name to choose, you should spend some time on this important step. A catchy name can draw potential customers’ interest quicker than a ‘Free Beer’ sign outside a city centre bar on a Saturday night. Just as a poorly chosen brand name will ensure that your website or retail store never sees more than one visitor at a time, and that is usually you! Please have a read of this article if you need a little encouragement and advice regarding your new company’s name. Continue reading “Choose A Knockout Name For Your Business”

4 Locations Where QR Codes Work the Best

pretty girl qr code
This is a guest post written by Mathew Ronald.

When it comes to QR code marketing, one cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of location. Get it right and you will be able to draw in large number of people to scan your QR codes. However, get it wrong and you will find that people are not too keen on scanning your QR codes. Following are 4 locations where QR codes work best: Continue reading “4 Locations Where QR Codes Work the Best”

How to Change Your Brand Without Losing Your USP

This article is contributed by Bob William.

Every company should have a USP. This is your Unique Selling Point and it’s what sets your services and products apart from everyone else.  Even if you provide a great service but it is no different from anyone else’s , then it will be incredibly hard to market and incredibly hard to make yourself stand out – or even to be remembered for that matter. Continue reading “How to Change Your Brand Without Losing Your USP”

Printing Presses Dead Again

That phrase Dead Again comes from an article in the New York Times about the present status of printed books.  As is mentioned, the same kind of language was being used 20 years ago.  The latest news is that Amazon is selling more ebooks than printed books online in the UK so perhaps it is more serious this time around. Continue reading “Printing Presses Dead Again”

How to Effectively Name your Business

This article is contributed by Nadine Ryan.

There is a lot in a name and choosing one is an important undertaking when you form a company. Some find it very easy to underestimate the power and effect of a name. They can be instrumental in the making or breaking of a company. The name may not alter your business model or how you work but it is still incredibly important. The name is the beginning of your brand image and it will be the first thing you say when telling others about your company. Continue reading “How to Effectively Name your Business”

3 Signs it is Time to Change Your Brand

This article is contributed by Eliza Morgan.

Branding is a very precise process and is a very important aspect of marketing.  It is also very difficult to perfect. Your company or product’s brand is critical to success. It is with this image and concept that your customers will recognize your product or service and judge whether it is right for them or not.

Continue reading “3 Signs it is Time to Change Your Brand”

Award Winning Wine Labels

It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 wineries in the U.S., another 6,000 in Australia, and over 360 in Canada and each may produce 10 different wines or more.  Add in Europe and South America and you clearly have a very, very crowded market-place.  Even if you decide to purchase through your local wine store, the choice is formidable.  The BC Liquor Stores Product Catalogue, for example, lists 3103 table wines.  If you are one of those wineries, how can you try to ensure prospective customers hear about your wine.
Continue reading “Award Winning Wine Labels”