The Best Tablets For Manual Jobs

engineerThis article is contributed by Peter Johnson.

If you run a business that operates ‘on site’ such as a construction business or a mining company, then you might not spend much time worrying about computers or technology. Generally the assumption is that computers are more of a concern for offices and that they require desks, power sockets and the like to be of much use.

This is an outdated view however, and these days it’s important to realise that all that is changing. Thanks to the process of convergence, our devices are getting constantly smaller and more portable, while also getting more powerful, flexible and productive. These days you can do on a handheld tablet what would once have required a full-blown desktop PC. Continue reading “The Best Tablets For Manual Jobs”

Employee Time Clock Apps are the way of the future

watch the clock

This article is contributed by Jeff Gellar.

The old fashioned methods of tracking the employee work time, including the punch-clock and handwritten timesheets, are rapidly discarded in favor of the software platforms that allow automatic work time tracking at the push of a button. The two aforementioned antiquated strategies may have been favored 20 or 30 years ago, but in the age of apps, smartphones and tablets, they no longer constitute feasible alternatives. Continue reading “Employee Time Clock Apps are the way of the future”

Indoor Google Maps

Google Maps has had a somewhat chequered history until recently.  An example of a high visibility problem was that the Golden Ears Bridge in BC only appeared on Google Maps some 9 months after the bridge had been open and almost 3 years after construction started.

MapQuest, the competitor owned by AOL, was only a little better but that was no excuse for this less than stellar performance. 

Continue reading “Indoor Google Maps”