‘Light Up the Choirs’ fundraisers for British Columbia wildfire relief

The British Columbia Choral Federation (BCCF) has announced ‘Light Up the Choirs’ fundraiser events will be held around Metro Vancouver for wildfire relief. These benefit concerts are scheduled for the weekend of September 22-24, 2017.
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What Is Your #someday Wish

rbcIt is very difficult for big brands to work well with social media. Social media are all about people talking to people. Those one-on-one connections are very difficult for big brands to arrange. It is just too expensive to hire all the staff that would be necessary. The best they can do is to try to float an idea and hope that people will like it enough to share it with their friends. Continue reading “What Is Your #someday Wish”

Customer Testimonials Are Gold

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Most markets are seeing increasing competition. Provided you are ensuring your customers are completely satisfied and may even be grateful for the service they have received, they may very well be the best possible “sales people” you might have.

Among the most powerful ways to gain an immediate boost in sales is to include online marketing testimonials in your marketing strategy. Testimonials from customers work so well because they provide the two things that spur sales: credibility and trust. Continue reading “Customer Testimonials Are Gold”

10 Killer Headline Templates and Why You Should Use Them

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This article is contributed by Ken Myers.

Today, the average person is exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. That’s 29,999 other articles, content and information clamoring for your target audience’s attention. Creating copy that converts readers into customers doesn’t just require epic, informative copy; it requires standing out in the crowd.  Continue reading “10 Killer Headline Templates and Why You Should Use Them”

Use Social Media Test Marketing For Your New Product Launch

shopping online
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How do you know that your new online business will grab the attention of your target market and turn a profit? You can never know for sure until you give it a try, but it is still important to test your idea before investing a lot of money and energy. Testing periods can help you tweak your overall idea so that it fits the needs of your target market better, and you may come up with creative ways to make your products or services accessible and useful to a wider array of consumers. Continue reading “Use Social Media Test Marketing For Your New Product Launch”

The Social Media Bandwagon

social media bandwagonAlmost everyone is aware of the growing number of social media that allow you to stay in touch with your friends and spread the word on matters and events that are important to you. That goes from Presidents of countries to stay-at-home moms and includes their young teenagers as they move around on their social whirl. Companies now see that this is an ideal way to communicate with their customers and prospects. Everyone wishes to make the most of this new dimension in their lives. Continue reading “The Social Media Bandwagon”

5 Ways To Make Your Customers’ Experience Much More Pleasurable

customer service with a smile

This article is contributed by David Alexander.

When was the last time you were impressed with any customer service you received? It doesn’t happen often, but once in a blue moon there will be one company who sweep you off your feet. They will stand out among the crowd because they take customer service to a different level altogether. If you were to compare your business with theirs do you think you would come anywhere close to how good they are with their customers?

I hope you said yes because it means you must be doing great, but if the answer is no you should ask yourself what you can do to change it. How can you deliver much better customer service from now on? Continue reading “5 Ways To Make Your Customers’ Experience Much More Pleasurable”

Handling Hot Topics On The Internet

abraham lincoln
Seeing that Stephen Spielberg’s film Lincoln now has twelve Oscar nominations, it got me thinking about how I would handle such an online hot property if I were to be so lucky as to own one. Indeed what is a hot property and what do you need to do to handle it well and make it super-hot. Continue reading “Handling Hot Topics On The Internet”