How To Make Your Commercial Space Feel Open And Relaxing

open air spaceThis article is contributed by  Nancy Baker.

Interior design is an incredibly important consideration when it comes to planning a commercial space, and particularly with regards to permanent structures. If you are commissioning a new store, a new restaurant, or a public building, then it’s incredibly important that you think logically and sensibly about the way you are going to plan the design, but also the way that you decorate it and lay it out once the construction is finished. Continue reading “How To Make Your Commercial Space Feel Open And Relaxing”

3 Hidden Problems You May Have With Your Horse – Jay O’Jay

jay o'jay

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jay O’Jay, the celebrated Canadian horseman. He has just launched his Horsemanship Program and Cowboy Challenge in South Langley, British Columbia at Reign Ridge Stables. Continue reading “3 Hidden Problems You May Have With Your Horse – Jay O’Jay”

5 Corporate Team Building Activities That Work

skittles game

This article is contributed by Ursula Jones.

Individuals who work together on a daily basis must know each other and be able to communicate whether they see each other regularly or not. The workplace would otherwise be a tense, threatening place. One of the best ways to make workers comfortable with one another is via team building activities. Here are five simple yet effective activities to engage employees in one another’s lives. Continue reading “5 Corporate Team Building Activities That Work”

A Green Retirement

golf greenIt all sounds very enticing – combining the two notions of green and retirement.  However that is not how  Ray Dawson sees it and he is aiming to ditch retirement while going green.  He is a  lifelong entrepreneur and is now coming out of an eight-year retirement to  launch his third business in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District Solar Energies IncContinue reading “A Green Retirement”

How to Make a Good Impression at Business Events

This article is contributed by Michael Frampton.

There are many reasons to host a business event. Of course you will want to promote your product and of course you will want to secure saes and leads.  At the same time whether you’re hosting the event or not. this is a good chance to network with people who may become business partners in the future and prove invaluable to your organization. Continue reading “How to Make a Good Impression at Business Events”

Dandy drops while Beano hangs on

Many of our older readers in the UK will give a nostalgic sigh as they see a BC news item that the printed edition of that venerable comic, The Dandy, will end with a special edition released on the comic’s 75th anniversary on 4 December. Continue reading “Dandy drops while Beano hangs on”

Hogmanay, New Year’s Eve Scottish Style

This article is contributed by Abhishek Bhan

There is nothing quite like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Scotland. Whether you are in a local pub, on the streets of Edinburgh or enjoying a party with friends and family Scotland seems to be in its element at Hogmanay.
Continue reading “Hogmanay, New Year’s Eve Scottish Style”