Telus, the Emperor With No Clothes

telus usersMost Canadians are aware that they pay higher cell phone costs than those in other countries because the market is ruled by the oligopoly of Bell, Rogers and Telus. They fight hard to maintain this stranglehold on the marketplace despite the widespread resentment this causes. Thankfully the federal government realizes that this is a dossier where they will get widespread electoral support whenever they decide to curb the actions of the telecommunications companies. Continue reading “Telus, the Emperor With No Clothes”

What Is Your #someday Wish

rbcIt is very difficult for big brands to work well with social media. Social media are all about people talking to people. Those one-on-one connections are very difficult for big brands to arrange. It is just too expensive to hire all the staff that would be necessary. The best they can do is to try to float an idea and hope that people will like it enough to share it with their friends. Continue reading “What Is Your #someday Wish”

9 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns from the 80s and 90s

lets go shoppingThis article is contributed by Keith Richardson.

Replay all those oldie ads that made your childhood extra special. From the catchy jingles, interesting concepts to funny one-liners, relive those moments all over again. Here is a list of top 9 memorable ad campaigns from the 80s and 90s that will take you back to memory lane. Continue reading “9 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns from the 80s and 90s”

Is It Worth Being A Celebrity CEO? Here’s The Pros And Cons…

steve jobs

This article is contributed by Shannon Monson.

If you are like most people, you often consider your own life to be mundane and wish that you had more excitement on a day-to-day basis. Many people, if given the chance to be a celebrity CEO, would take it without even thinking.

However, it is not necessarily all that it is cracked up to be. Though there are many benefits that come with being in such a position, there are also significant drawbacks that, for many people, would constitute a dealbreaker. As with any story, there are two sides, and it is important to be aware of both. Continue reading “Is It Worth Being A Celebrity CEO? Here’s The Pros And Cons…”

Online Business Training Tools For Entrepreneurs

small business

This article is contributed by Wayne Boyd Wayne.

Running a small business isn’t easy. You probably don’t have the resources or funds that larger business owners have, yet you have to compete with these large businesses on a daily basis. In the past, small business owners had an even more difficult time keeping up with larger corporations, but the Internet can help level the playing field. There are plenty of great online training tools that you can utilise in order to prepare your employees and yourself to give your customers the best possible service. Continue reading “Online Business Training Tools For Entrepreneurs”

How to Effectively Name your Business

This article is contributed by Nadine Ryan.

There is a lot in a name and choosing one is an important undertaking when you form a company. Some find it very easy to underestimate the power and effect of a name. They can be instrumental in the making or breaking of a company. The name may not alter your business model or how you work but it is still incredibly important. The name is the beginning of your brand image and it will be the first thing you say when telling others about your company. Continue reading “How to Effectively Name your Business”

Award Winning Wine Labels

It is estimated that there are more than 6,000 wineries in the U.S., another 6,000 in Australia, and over 360 in Canada and each may produce 10 different wines or more.  Add in Europe and South America and you clearly have a very, very crowded market-place.  Even if you decide to purchase through your local wine store, the choice is formidable.  The BC Liquor Stores Product Catalogue, for example, lists 3103 table wines.  If you are one of those wineries, how can you try to ensure prospective customers hear about your wine.
Continue reading “Award Winning Wine Labels”

16 Trueworthy Road, Saturna Island BC, a Waterfront Home for Real Living

Getting away from it all

The 6/49 TV ads from BC Lotto are a frequent reminder of how great it is to be all by yourself with some good friends in beautiful places.  The British Columbia provincial motto, the most beautiful place on earth, suggests that whatever you might wish will be found here somewhere in the province..  Indeed that is true.  There are many contenders.  However if you wish to get away then Saturna Island, the second largest and least populated of the Gulf Islands, would be a strong choice.
Continue reading “16 Trueworthy Road, Saturna Island BC, a Waterfront Home for Real Living”

Second Brain Or Third Brain

In writing about the Other Brain, we conveniently slid over a confusion about just what other brains there may be.  Just which is the Second Brain and could there be a Third Brain.

Dr.  Michael Gershon, an expert in the nascent field of neurogastroenterology, laid the seeds of confusion with his 1998 book The Second Brain.   A Scientific American article earlier in the year was a useful  recap of what is involved.  It was called “Think Twice: How the Gut’s ‘Second Brain’ Influences Mood and Well-Being.”

There is an often-overlooked network of neurons lining our guts that is so extensive some scientists have nicknamed it our “second brain”.

A deeper understanding of this mass of neural tissue, filled with important neurotransmitters, is revealing that it does much more than merely handle digestion or inflict the occasional nervous pang. The little brain in our innards, in connection with the big one in our skulls, partly determines our mental state and plays key roles in certain diseases throughout the body.

Although its influence is far-reaching, the second brain is not the seat of any conscious thoughts or decision-making.

Marghi Merzenich provides more details on this “Second Brain”.

The second brain is a mass of tissue in our intestines that shares many qualities with our brains–millions of neurons, many of the same key chemicals (like dopamine and serotonin). This “second brain” is officially called the “enteric nervous system,” and it’s a fascinating part of the body.

The brain and spinal cord are known as the “central nervous system.” The “peripheral nervous system” connects the central nervous system to the rest of the body, moving the messages along until they reach their destination. The enteric nervous system (the “second brain”)  is part of the peripheral nervous system.

What makes the “second brain” unique from other parts of the peripheral nervous system, though, is that it can function even without input from the central nervous system, and sends many more messages to the central nervous system than it receives. And while it’s not a center of conscious thought, it has widespread influence on our physical bodies and our emotional well-being. This may have implications for how we treat emotional problems like depression.

That’s all well and good but that Second Brain term was being used by others in a different context.  A 2009 article proclaimed, Introducing Our Second and Third Brains: We Do Think With Our Heart and Instinct

This article noted that neuro-scientists have demonstrated that we have a brain in our heart and another in our intestines. What we have in each of these, in actual fact, is an extensive mass of neurons that behave in a fashion similar to the neurons contained in the brain, and that appear to function at mega-speeds, often much greater than those of our cerebral neurons.  

What they are referring to is the work of J. Andrew Armour, M.D., Ph.D. in Montreal and others.  Their picture is that the heart brain is the second brain and the enteric (intestine) brain is the third brain.

Whether you consider that we have two brains or three brains, either picture states very clearly that your logical brain is not the sole way you are assessing information, processing it and making decisions.  At least one other brain or perhaps two is/are unconsciously involved and you probably never realize it. 

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Becoming more aware of these different brains and balancing the way they interact can bring significant improvement in the way you try to achieve your goals.  The Three Brain Synergy website provides more information on these issues and can show you what is involved in ensuring all your brains are working in the most effective collaboration.

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Golden Ears Bridge BC now on Google Maps

The Golden Ears Bridge across the Fraser River in British Columbia has been in operation for 9 months now. It was being constructed for almost two years before that. Unfortunately it has been invisible in Google Maps until now. Many have commented on the invisibility of the Golden Ears Bridge, which is a major landmark. Although repeated messages have been sent to places where Googlers congregate such as the Google Maps Forum, the organization seemed blind. As usual, they seemed to be relying on computer-generated data rather than inputs from humans.

golden ears bridge

It was said that the reason for the delay was that the Golden Ears Bridge had not been included in the database used by Google Maps.  One of these is maintained by TeleAtlas.  However the Bridge was added to the database as of March 31, 2010 and still there was no change.  MapQuest, the Google Maps competitor, was not asleep at the wheel and almost immediately included the Golden Ears Bridge in its directions information.

It was only this morning that finally Google has registered the Golden Ears Bridge in its database.  Use Google Maps to help you find the way across the Fraser River from Langley to Pitt Meadows and here is the route that Google will provide.

Google Maps from Langley to Pitt Meadows

It was good to finally see the Bridge taking up the important role it now has in Fraser Valley transportation.  However in a somewhat ironic announcement, Google later in the morning announced that it was now Keeping Canada’s map current.

The map of Canada is constantly changing – new roads are being built, highways are being renamed, and bike trails are opening. To keep up with all these changes, we’ve started using new map data in Canada. This new base map is built from a wide range of sources, just as we recently announced for the US in October. In Canada, we’ve made use of data from organizations such as the National Hydrography Network and Canadian Council on Geomatics. Once again things like satellite imagery and Street View were also helpful to make a rich, thorough base map.

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I hope you enjoyed this article, which is seen by many appreciative visitors. Part of that comes from its visibility in Google keyword searches.

If you would like to have quality articles like this on your website, then my services as a freelance writer are available to you. Click here for more details.

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That’s all very well.  However if only they had worked more promptly in synchronizing with their existing map database contributors such as TeleAtlas, perhaps the Golden Ears Bridge would have been on our screens at least a month earlier.

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