Paid Review Policy at The Other Bloke’s Blog

Paid reviews may be published from time to time in The Other Bloke’s blog. If reviews are well written, then they will attract attention from others and will generate backlinks. This will usually generate increased traffic to the website under review. If you are looking for more visitors to your website, it may be an effective way to go.

The following policy applies to such reviews in order to give best value to our readers and to those who have requested the review.

  • Paid reviews will only appear occasionally when the content is appropriate to our readers.
  • The receipt of payment in no way influences the content and views expressed. I tell it like it is.

Anyone wishing to have a paid review done for their website should contact SMM. The agreed mandate for such a paid review will specify content and length of the post. Payment is required before the review is prepared via PayPal. Such paid review posts are maintained as part of the regular blog content in archives.

Barry Welford