Say Thank You To Your Superhero

If you are not familiar with the collection of videos, I would heartily recommend that you visit that site. It is a fund of inspiring videos on a wide variety of topics. The one you will find below is one of the best. Continue reading

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Is It Time For A New Ergonomic Office Chair

accident free
This article is contributed by Jim Taylor.

If you’re one of those people that want to know what the big deal about ergonomic office chairs is, you need look no further than your own body. Without even knowing it, many individuals suffer needless negative health effects due to posture or sitting problems in the office. Continue reading

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Does Gray Hair Inspire Trust

gray hair

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With advancing years, some seniors seem to be concerned that their gray hairs could confirm that they are past their prime. However, there is another side to this issue. Anyone who displays gray hair clearly accepts life for what it is and accepts what aging implies. Indeed, many would feel that getting older means getting better. Continue reading

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5 Things To Think About Before Risking Your Finances By Suing Someone

This article is contributed by Kevin Davis.

pay a fine

When you decide to sue someone it can do one of two things. You could end up in a world of financial pain, or you will end up with a nice chunk of change in your pocket. You don’t know which of those situations you’re going to end up in, so before you think about suing anyone we’re going to look at a few questions you should ask yourself. Continue reading

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How To Make Your Commercial Space Feel Open And Relaxing

open air spaceThis article is contributed by  Nancy Baker.

Interior design is an incredibly important consideration when it comes to planning a commercial space, and particularly with regards to permanent structures. If you are commissioning a new store, a new restaurant, or a public building, then it’s incredibly important that you think logically and sensibly about the way you are going to plan the design, but also the way that you decorate it and lay it out once the construction is finished. Continue reading

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Throw An Office Party Everyone Will Love By Following These 6 Great Tips

This article is contributed by Adam Tyler.

Most companies throw an office party at different times throughout the year and most employees usually hate them. Maybe they only say they hate office parties because it’s the cool thing to say, but that doesn’t mean you won’t upset a lot of people if you don’t get yours right. Continue reading

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5 Ways To Boost Your Employees Productivity So You Make More Money

This article is contributed by Sheldon Lewis.getting the job done

What is the biggest thing holding your company back at the moment? Unless you have the greatest employees in the world it is probably the productivity of the entire workforce. Some people like to sit around taking their time when they work. This is OK up until a certain point, but when they start taking advantage of the fact they get paid an hourly wage it can have a big impact on the amount of money you make. Can you imagine how much profit you would make if everyone started working twice as hard? Continue reading

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Logistics Offers Great Career Opportunities

air freight transportationThis article is contributed by Sydney Williams.

A career in logistics is an option that is worth some serious consideration. This article takes a look at the different factors that have earmarked this line of business as one to watch for the future. Continue reading

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When Prized Liquor Costs Less Than Your Printer Ink…

dom perignon champagne bottleThis article is contributed by Austin Cole.

Ever wondered why your printer keeps running out of ink, even though its expenses are increasing?

A set of replacement cartridges for home printers costs £45, and a bottle of the elite Dom Perignon costs about £109. It doesn’t really seem like much in the first glance, but if you do the math, accounting the costs drop by drop, it becomes clear to us that we’re being ripped off by the ink companies. The printer ink is being sold at around 51p per milliliter, but the Dom Perignon costs about 15p per milliliter for the same quantity.

As time progresses, the production costs seem to grow higher, and the quantity of the ink in the cartridge seems to reduce. Well known printer company Canon charges up to 51p for black ink and over £1.05 per ml of colored ink of yellow, magenta and blue; i.e. 19ml of black ink costs £9.69, and 9ml colored ink costs £9.49. Continue reading

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4 Essential Facts About Worker’s Compensation That You Need To Know

injured worker

This article is contributed by Lucy Whitmore.

In the competitive world of business, productivity and efficiency are the keys to success. However, sometimes people end up paying too heavy a cost. Workplace injuries are a frequent occurrence and it is only fair that employees are aware of their options. Sometimes you could be unable to work for a number of weeks.  Here are 4 facts about worker’s compensation that you need to know. Continue reading

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