Let us elect a government that will do the right thing for the planet

mac stone videoUnfortunately the politicians seem to feel that most people are driven by the sentiment, “What’s in it for me?” However we should realize that our Vote Will Determine How Canada Takes on Global Climate Change.  That is of critical importance and a video I saw today hit that message hard, while at the same time having some incredible photographs. Continue reading “Let us elect a government that will do the right thing for the planet”

Telus, the Emperor With No Clothes

telus usersMost Canadians are aware that they pay higher cell phone costs than those in other countries because the market is ruled by the oligopoly of Bell, Rogers and Telus. They fight hard to maintain this stranglehold on the marketplace despite the widespread resentment this causes. Thankfully the federal government realizes that this is a dossier where they will get widespread electoral support whenever they decide to curb the actions of the telecommunications companies. Continue reading “Telus, the Emperor With No Clothes”

3 Hidden Problems You May Have With Your Horse – Jay O’Jay

jay o'jay

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jay O’Jay, the celebrated Canadian horseman. He has just launched his Horsemanship Program and Cowboy Challenge in South Langley, British Columbia at Reign Ridge Stables. Continue reading “3 Hidden Problems You May Have With Your Horse – Jay O’Jay”

Pension Justice For UK Expats

The International Consortium of British Pensioners continues its tireless battle for the consciences of the UK government to seek upratings for all Ex-pat pensioners. A new website, pensionjustice.org, describes the unfairness of the present policy and the severe hardships it creates for some who have been heroes in defending the values for which the UK stands.

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UK Frozen Pensions – the senseless inequity continues

There is surprisingly little movement on the UK Frozen Pensions issue.  1.1 Million British Old Age Pensioners have chosen to spend their retirement years overseas and in doing so, they save the British Economy over 7 Billion Pounds every year. More than half of these receive the same pension as they would receive if living in the UK.  The other 545,000 pensioners resident mainly in the British Commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada have their pensions locked in value at the time they emigrated.

The UK Treasury would benefit from a change in policy and it would correct a moral debt of honour.  However the number of MPs who support this long-needed application of the English principle of fair play grows only slowly.
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High Point Equestrian Centre Hosts Jay O Jay Horsemanship Clinic

If you have been hoping to see Jay O’Jay in action in Langley, where better than at the new and impressive High Point Equestrian Centre just south of Campbell Valley Park.  He is giving a Horsemanship Clinic on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th 2011 and it runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.  The exact address is  658 200th St, Langley, BC.

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16 Trueworthy Road, Saturna Island BC, a Waterfront Home for Real Living

Getting away from it all

The 6/49 TV ads from BC Lotto are a frequent reminder of how great it is to be all by yourself with some good friends in beautiful places.  The British Columbia provincial motto, the most beautiful place on earth, suggests that whatever you might wish will be found here somewhere in the province..  Indeed that is true.  There are many contenders.  However if you wish to get away then Saturna Island, the second largest and least populated of the Gulf Islands, would be a strong choice.
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Learn How To Connect With Your Horse In Langley BC

As the Horse Capital of BC, where better to learn about connecting with horses than in Langley.

Mark your calendar because there is a free demonstration of how to start connecting with your horse.  The details are as follows:

It will be given by Jay OJay, the celebrated horseman, now based in Langley  who helps fine riders and their spirited horses get connected.  He will be demonstrating just what is possible with his own very young horses, Casper, Junior and Grace.

When Saturday August 28th from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: VTEA Riding Center (Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association)
3330 256th Street
Aldergrove, BC  V4W 1Y4
Schedule: 1:30  –  1:50           Working with Casper
1:50  –  2:10           Working with Junior
2:10  –  2:20                   Intermission
2:20  –  2:40           Working with Grace
2:40  –  3:00           Q and A with Jay O’Jay

The demonstration will be given in a round pen  in the arena, which is being generously provided by a close neighbour,  Dare’s Country Feeds, 25236 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove (Telephone: 604-856-1611)

Jay OJay with young horses

If Jay OJay is a new name to you, you can find all about him, his training methods and his training DVDs on the Jay OJay website:

Jay O’Jay is a horseman who specializes in developing a respectful relationship and connection between horse and rider. His passion is the Western discipline of Reining, but through his clinics, videos and demonstrations, he aspires to teach “transferable skills” to riders and horse owners of all disciplines and experience. Those skills, based on the ability to earn respect and gain control of the horse, are the central elements in Jay’s “common sense” approach to his training program.

Jay has nurtured the natural gift he has for working with and connecting with horses – as well as people. With a personal mission to improve everyone’s relationship and experience with their horse, he shares his respect for the horse with enthusiasm, patience, and passion.

To contact Jay OJay, call 778-686-9115 or e-mail him at jayojay@gmail.com.

This is a show not to be missed, so make sure to be there on Saturday August 28.

RCMP Musical Ride joins the Vancouver 2010 Olympics celebrations

Today marks the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Most Canadians have been swept up in the exuberance that the Olympic Torch Relay has generated. Today the Olympic flame will complete its 106 day journey, which has taken it through over 1,000 communities in this vast country, which is Canada. Now the fun and the excitement really starts.

Naturally one of the most important symbols of our Canadian heritage will be on show. The RCMP Musical Ride is appearing as part of the Surrey 2010 Celebrations at Holland Park from Saturday, Feb 13th to Feb 28th (no shows on Monday or Tuesday).


To remind you of the excitement of this Musical Ride, check out the following short video.

If you would like a momento of one of the most memorable Canadian treasures, there is an exquisite poster of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride on sale at the Surrey event in the RCMP store. All proceeds go to Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association (VTEA), which provides therapeutic riding for special needs children. The commemorative poster celebrates the 2009 BC Tour of the RCMP Musical Ride

The poster is 14″ x 18″ and VTEA will receive all funds generated . There are copies that have been autographed by members of the Musical Ride and these are on sale for $25. Non-autographed copies are available for $20.

What could be a better souvenir of all the excitement that all Canadians are sharing at this time.

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Alberta Tries Brand Marketing

It seems only yesterday that Alberta decided that it would no longer be Wild Rose Country.  It has been touting the Alberta Advantage for almost 15 years.

The above web page as of today notes that Alberta has a Tax Advantage, being the first debt-free province in Canada. It also has a bundle of other advantages:

  • a strong and vibrant economy
  • a young, skilled and productive workforce
  • affordable living costs
  • a strong commitment to innovation and knowledge-based progress
  • a highly entrepreneurial and competitive business community
  • a business-friendly province committed to responsible regulation
  • a modern and efficient infrastructure
  • an abundance of natural resources
  • a beautiful natural environment

So why drop the Alberta Advantage slogan.  It apparently has some negative connotations.  Perhaps it is because advantages are often there to be exploited.  Exploitation is certainly a word that has only negative vibes.

Trying to think up a brand for a province is not easy.  After all, the ideal brand instantly conjures up in the mind of your prospect some promise, some ideal solution to needs they may have.  For a whole province, that is a pretty tall order.  Only a few provinces have attempted it.

  • British Columbia – The Best Place On Earth
  • Saskatchewan –  Strong and Steady
  • Manitoba – spirited energy
  • New BrunswickBe Unique … travel your own path
  • Prince Edward Island – the gentle island

As of today, Alberta has a new corporate message and ad campaign.

alberta brand

In a soft launch at the end of the annual spring convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties in Edmonton, a video featured sweeping images of the Rockies and the Badlands, along with the new, corporate message.

They are certainly putting some Big bucks behind this new Alberta brand.

Out is the 15-year-old motto: “Alberta Advantage”. In is the more generic and blah: “Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve”. Municipal politicians on Wednesday got a sneak peek at Alberta’ new slogan and logo, which will cost the province $25-million over three years.

It is none too soon according to Don Braid: who suggests that the Branding iron is heating up in the nick of time.  The hope is that the New brand will counteract the image of ‘dirty oil’.

The province will be working with industry, educational institutions and various organizations, including municipal politicians, to spread “the good news about Albertans.”  The goal is to attract more tourism and more investment to the province.

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