Your Website Host Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Although most companies spend a lot of time and energy creating compelling internet sites so that they can expand their business, the role that your website host quietly plays is rarely discussed in any business writing.

While it isn’t important that they get credit for helping raise your company to the best sales that they have had, it is helpful for you to know that there are a lot of website hosting providers out there that offer services that can make a large difference in your revenue.

Here are some features that website hosts offer that can help your company grow:

Aggregated shopping cart payment processors through your Website Host

Although you can get some good deals when you sign up with a payment processor directly, until your company has the volume of sales that it needs, it will likely never have discount pricing on Visa and Mastercard transactions that it could get. Fortunately, companies like Network Solutions are able to aggregate all of their customers through their connection, creating a situation where they get the lowest percentage price per transaction and pass it on to you. So if you use their eCommerce site service, you can save hundreds of dollars a month in fees. For most people that pay a percentage of each transaction, staying under 2 percent is considered a fairly good result.

Lead management services from your Website Host

It may sound strange that your website provider is able to turn visitor traffic into sales, but the companies that offer this add-on service normally have SEO and marketing capabilities attached to the software and website space that they have available. They are therefore able to work to create a sales funnel for you that qualifies the leads that you are interested in talking to. They can deliver the right type of customer to you because they profile customers well and do not forget any details.

If your salespeople need to be focused on closing sales, most company services can take the client a step further in the process and work with them to develop a sales opportunity until it is ready for your salespeople to go close.

Domain registration through your Website Host

If you are looking for a place to safely store your domain, using a strong website host is a good idea. The cost of maintaining your domain isn’t normally that much and the company will likely last for quite a bit of time. The internet is littered with historic stories about firms that went under, harming their clients because they had to go start over with their websites.

You can also get a feel for how trustworthy a partner is by their pricing. One of the newer domain types, .store, is starting to become fairly popular in the marketplace. The best companies have reasonable renewal rates when you order your domain and show you that up front. To avoid problems, it is a good idea to check all 2 and third-year rates that are available for the product like a .store domain name. If they skyrocket, you will probably have trouble transferring your domain and you will also likely have trouble swallowing the fact that you are paying too much.

Working with a solid website host that has been in existence for decades can create dividends for your firm. The longer a company has been working in your industry, the more likely they are to have complementary services that are tailored to match the needs of your firm.

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