A WordPress Gallery for some favourite SMMbc images

desperate dan featured image

Here we demonstrate a standard WordPress Gallery to show some favourite images that have been displayed over the years on the SMMbc blogs.  You can see the full-size images by clicking on any of them.  From that full-size image, you can move forward or backwards to see other full-size images.

Note that this gallery is produced simply with the WordPress Visual Editor using the shortcode for gallery.  There are many possible layouts for galleries using this approach.  You can even arrange to have an automatic slideshow that displays the images automatically in whatever order you wish.  Or you can have them appear in a random order. Further details on this are covered in the BPWrap article, Should I use a Drag and Drop theme with WordPress.


For a complete explanation of the choices available in styling such a gallery, the WordPress Support page for Galleries and Slideshows is an excellent resource.  Here below is a slideshow displaying the same images in a random order.  It’s a matter of moments to create these effects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to see the posts or pages that featured the above images, here is a full clickable list of their links with the order they appear in the first gallery:

  1. Thalidomide – September 1960 – Part 2
  2. Frank And Gordon Fired
  3. Dandy drops while Beano hangs on
  4. Elderly People And Car Accidents – Older But Not Always Wiser?
  5. The Google Tango
  6. The Hummingbird Algorithm Struck on September 4, 2013
  7. Look At My Horse
  8. Google searches that give a single result
  9. Freelance writing web page