5 Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Business Performance

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The Internet has dramatically changed how companies interact with each other. Now, the competition is greater than ever before. If you want your business to continue succeeding, you need to be using the various online platforms that are available for marketing strategies. Without taking these steps, your competition can reap the benefits that you are neglecting.

Social Media Matters

More than 50 percent of business-to-business buyers admit to searching for products or vendor information through social media outlets. By maintaining a regular presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is greater potential for attracting a larger consumer base. It’s this reason why many larger corporations now hire professionals for the sole purpose of maintaining these social media accounts.

Offering eCommerce

Although you may still collect sales and leads from direct interaction with consumers, almost half of B2B buyers prefer websites where they can make their purchases. In this regard, the business website is more than just a portal for contact information. By implementing eCommerce in some fashion, there is potential for further sales. This number grows many-fold if the website incorporates live chat with potential customers.

Range of Shipping Options

Never underestimate the value of instant gratification. Fast shipping is always ideal, but offering next-day air services may inspire purchases. Almost 80 percent of B2B companies rank shipping options as a very important quality. When consumers make a purchase from the website, a speedy delivery may encourage future sales while enhancing customer service.

Global Prospects

More than 80 percent of the visitors to the top busiest company websites on the Internet in the United States come from foreign consumers. This attests to how important global penetration is in virtually any industry. By incorporating world-wide shipping, you could vastly increase the reach of the organization.

Organic Content Tactics

According to statistics, approximately 80 percent of those who make decisions for B2B purchases would rather find information about products and companies through articles as opposed to advertising. By engaging consumers through article websites, reviews and other online marketing strategies, you may connect with a larger number of businesses.

Using a B2B online marketing agency has potential to engage markets that could be slipping through your fingers. It takes more than a viable product or service in today’s market, especially when you consider the large number of competing organizations. Take the steps necessary to secure your connections with clients. Prevent your competition from benefiting by enhancing your online marketing strategies.