Let us elect a government that will do the right thing for the planet

mac stone video

mac stone videoUnfortunately the politicians seem to feel that most people are driven by the sentiment, “What’s in it for me?” However we should realize that our Vote Will Determine How Canada Takes on Global Climate Change.  That is of critical importance and a video I saw today hit that message hard, while at the same time having some incredible photographs.

The TED introduction to the video explains what you will see in the video below:

For centuries, people have viewed swamps and wetlands as obstacles to avoid. But for photographer Mac Stone, who documents the stories of wildlife in Florida’s Everglades, the swamp isn’t a hindrance — it’s a national treasure. Through his stunning photographs, Stone shines a new light on a neglected, ancient and important wilderness. His message: get out and experience it for yourself. “Just do it — put your feet in the water,” he says. “The swamp will change you, I promise.”

In that video I was particularly struck by two quotes from Mac Stone:

But I’m encouraged, because maybe we’re finally starting to come around, because what was once deemed this swampy wasteland, today is a World Heritage site. It’s a wetland of international importance.

They say that the Everglades is our greatest test. If we pass it, we get to keep the planet. I love that quote, because it’s a challenge, it’s a prod. Can we do it? Will we do it? We have to, we must. But the Everglades is not just a test. It’s also a gift, and ultimately, our responsibility.

Let us hope that here in Canada the government we elect will help us all to do similar things with and for our natural heritage.  Our grandkids deserve it.