You Can Write On The Cover

google searchThe somewhat enigmatic title for this post comes from a true story that amused me at the time. My father used to have an autograph book in which his friends and anyone famous could write if he so asked. It was most amusing to read through and see what people had written.

On the very last page someone had written the following:

By hook or by crook, I’ll be the last in this book.

Not to be outdone, someone else had written on the inside back cover of the book:

Did you never discover you can write on the cover?

That came to mind in reading a comment on Quora by Alan Buzdar to the topic, What Google searches only give one result (at the time of writing your answer)?  He suggested that if you did a Google search  for the nonsense word aaaaahhahhahahaawqqwwqwqwiqowqoiwpqipqoiwiqiwiqpwrjejrjeir
then eventually the single answer for that would be the Quora entry he had made. For my own amusement, I decided to prove him wrong. That is the Genesis for this particular post, which is being published about 6 hours later.

The race is on. Will it be the Quora answer or this post that will be the first to appear. It all depends on how fast each of them is indexed by Google.  For a time Google may show one of these as a single entry but eventually will show them both. I guess it’s watch this space.

3 thoughts on “You Can Write On The Cover”

  1. Bing has already indexed you. Google has not. Yet. My Quora feed is currently the one hit on Google, your blog is the one hit on Bing.

  2. Thanks for watching this, Phil. The other interesting difference is that Google was showing no results for this search whereas Bing was showing multiple entries. This blog post is the first and the Quora feed is not indexed at all for Bing. At the time I write this reply, Google is now showing a single entry from Quora but no mention of the blog post. Quora is Pagerank 7 and thus will be spidered several times each day. This blog is currently Pagerank 3 and will only be spidered possibly every second or third day. I am guessing that Bing puts more emphasis on the RSS newsfeed published by the blog, whereas Google no longer does that.

  3. To update the status on this, a Google search for the nonsense term now shows 30 results with this blog post as the first entry. The remaining 29 results are all different web pages from the Quora site. So much for this being an example of successful ‘googlewhacking’

    ‘Bingwhacking is more successful since the single entry there is this blog post. Clearly Bing does not index Quora content.

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