Is It Time For A New Ergonomic Office Chair

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This article is contributed by Jim Taylor.

If you’re one of those people that want to know what the big deal about ergonomic office chairs is, you need look no further than your own body. Without even knowing it, many individuals suffer needless negative health effects due to posture or sitting problems in the office.

As if having to work for a living isn’t torturing enough, do you really need to torture yourself with a chair that causes pain and discomfort? And if you are the boss of a company that uses old, outdated, uncomfortable chairs your business may be suffering. If you’ve noticed a lack of enthusiasm, energy and productivity it could well be because your employees are suffering every moment that they are sitting at their desks, computers, conference tables, etc.

Indicating Signs That Your Chair Should Be Replaced

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While you will notice signs of your own, within your body, that tell you it’s time to change out your computer chair the signs your chair are sending should be heeded as well. Here are some signs that it could be time to replace that tired old ergonomically incorrect computer chair:

  •  Not all computer chairs are adjustable to the point of being perfect for each person. Some chairs are more adjustable than others.
  •  Outdated chairs or broken chairs should be replaced.
  •  An increase of significant proportion in the hours that you have to sit in that chair could call for a new chair.
  •  If the backrest or seat pan on your chair is too large or too small it can end up being a real pain in the… back.
  •  As we get older some of us experience back hunching and shoulder rounding. If this happens to you the postural changes could call for the need for a new chair.
  •  If prolonged sitting is the cause for symptoms such as lower back pain, neck pain or headaches you should definitely switch out your chair.
  •  It’s important to be comfortable particularly when you sit for extended periods of time. If you chair is not comfortable, get rid of it.
  •  If you don’t feel supported by your chair it is important that you find a chair which you do feel supports you.

Why Are Ergonomic Computer Chairs Beneficial?

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Here are a few reasons why you or your workers may benefit from a computer chair that is more ergonomically compatible than your present chair:

  •  Imagine how much better you will feel at the end of the day after sitting in a chair that is far more compatible with your body.
  •  Being comfortable could very well mean being more productive.
  •  Absenteeism has been shown to decrease when workers chairs are replaced with ergonomic chairs.
  •  Also decreased are the chances of degeneration in the spinal cord.
  •  Back pain because of your computer chair can be classified as a work injury and work injuries are counterproductive to any business.
  •  The quality of work and the efficiency of a workforce improve when workers are comfortable and supported by their chairs.
  •  You will feel less fatigued by using an ergonomically correct chair.
  •  You will be comfortable for longer periods of time with a chair that is better suited to your body and its comfort.

120 Days without an Accident

You’ve seen that sign hanging in restaurants, offices, stores, you name it. The number on that sign is going to be very low indeed if the chairs in your office space are hurting your employees. Of all the injuries occurring in the workplace approximately ⅔ of them are musculo-skeletal. And half of those involve the lower back. You have to know that you’re not doing your back any favors sitting in a chair all day that is uncomfortable and ergonomically incorrect. The following are a few of the injuries that people using computers frequently put themselves at risk for:

  •  Headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue can result from lighting that is inadequate and glare caused by eyestrain.
  •  Tendonitis in elbows and carpal tunnel are common upper limb injuries due to the strain of repetitive motion.
  •  Without an ergonomically correct chair you may well suffer, thanks to having to sit in that chair all day, back and neck pain.

Your back is nothing to mess around with. It’s the only back you’re ever going to have and if you don’t treat it right it’s not going to treat you very well in the interim. And when you consider that your back is not the only thing that is going to suffer from an ergonomically undesirable chair it becomes more and more apparent that you owe it to yourself – or your workforce – to at the very least find a chair that supports and boosts workers to a higher level of productivity and health.

Author Bio:  Jim Taylor is a part of the team at Furniture For Backs, a company that provides ergonomic office chairs. He is fond of his pet labrador, Mike, and loves to take him out for a walk in the park.

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