Customer Testimonials Are Gold

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Most markets are seeing increasing competition. Provided you are ensuring your customers are completely satisfied and may even be grateful for the service they have received, they may very well be the best possible “sales people” you might have.

Among the most powerful ways to gain an immediate boost in sales is to include online marketing testimonials in your marketing strategy. Testimonials from customers work so well because they provide the two things that spur sales: credibility and trust.

Ask Good Questions

Waiting around for customers to give you positive testimonials can hold you back from increased growth. Most people do not leave reviews. Therefore, you should plan to initiate the review process by coming up with a list of quick and easy questions that will inspire customers to provide testimonials. Focus questions on quality of products and services you offer. Be as specific as possible so customers address the topics you want.

Ask by Email

You can put your customer email list to good use by sending out a brief survey for the purposes of soliciting reviews. Be upfront that you are asking for customer feedback because you want to make sure that they received the best service possible. Let customers know that their responses are going to be made public. Ask them to include their name, city and state. A series of questions may make it easier for people to respond.

Ask for Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are very powerful. The combination of visual and audio captures immediate attention. Visitors to your website can see that real people have used your products and services successfully. Raving fans of your company are most likely to do this type of video.

Use Good Feedback

Periodically, customers will contact you and provide honest feedback. When this feedback is positive, contact the customer right away. Ask if you can use their feedback as a testimonial. Always get their permission first. Most people will give the okay.

Give a Reward

Another way to get customers to send you testimonials is to use an ethical bribe. Offer them a reward in return. Create a special discount or coupon reward for customers that respond. You can make this a permanent option or put a limited time on the offer to speed up response time.

Interact on Social Media

Interacting with your fans and customers on social media is a great way to keep them engaged with your business. Use social media to solicit testimonials. Again, you can offer people a reward incentive and link it to a feedback web form.

Businesses that know how to ask for and utilize positive reviews often see a marked increase in sales. You should certainly consider implementing a review strategy to boost your business.

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