10 Killer Headline Templates and Why You Should Use Them

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This article is contributed by Ken Myers.

Today, the average person is exposed to over 30,000 messages a day. That’s 29,999 other articles, content and information clamoring for your target audience’s attention. Creating copy that converts readers into customers doesn’t just require epic, informative copy; it requires standing out in the crowd. 

Considering that only 20% of your audience actually clicks a headline to read an article, focusing on creating solid headlines is a simple way to expose more readers to your content. Thankfully, creating great headlines doesn’t require the patience and time required for writing fantastic copy. Most of the work is already done! Follow these tried and true headline templates to convert more browsers into readers and more readers into customers.

Who Else Wants Great Headlines?

No one wants to feel like an outsider and no one wants to be the first one at the party. Herd mentality is a powerful tool content creators can use to involve the audience. Phrases like “Who Else?” or “Join” allow readers to feel like part of the crowd. They, like many others, want the information you’re providing.

How To Create Powerful Headlines

The how-to article is the basis for blogs, books and YouTube channels. How-to headlines draw in readers looking for specific information, making them capable of attracting more readers. How-to articles also allow the easy introduction of keyword phrases in the article title, amplifying SEO.

Headlines to Die For

Ever wonder why headlines rely so heavily on the macabre? “Content is Dead”, “SEO is Dying” and “Search Engine Wars” are commonplace in the B2B/B2C industry because dark words evoke deep emotion. Readers want to read extremes, and dark imagery provides that to not-so-deadly-serious content.

10 Headlines That Will Revolutionize Your Site

The prevalence of “Top Five/Seven/Ten/Twenty” lists may seem overdone, but savvy marketers know that headlines offering a list entice readers. Readers want to know what’s trending and lists are a perfect way to provide that information. As an added bonus, lists allow content marketers to use subheadings in a natural way to increase readership.

Do You Want Great Headlines?

Addressing the reader directly with a question is a great way to grab the attention of headline skimmers and convert them into readers. By asking the audience a question directly, the reader will automatically answer. Headlines with questions engage the audience on a personal level.

Do You Want to Save 5 Minutes By Using These Headline Templates?

This slight variation on the previous headline attracts readers based on value. Whether it’s saving 50% on their next purchase or losing 10 pounds, giving the audience a tangible saving intrigues and fascinates readers. A value-based headline allows readers to attach a concrete benefit to reading the article.

The Secret of Headlines

Everyone has heard the saying that secrets don’t make friends, secrets make best friends, and that holds true when it comes to headlines. Audiences want to know something special. No one is clicking through to an article because it has information they already know. They want to learn something. Secrets allow audience members to feel like they are on the inside track of an industry.

Here’s a Quick Way to Create Headlines

In today’s society, saving time is important. People are moving faster than ever and accumulating stress from trying to crunch all their responsibilities into a 24 hour day. Quick tips and tricks are fantastic ways to attract readers. This tactic is part value-based, part secret-based. Providing the audience with a quick tip to save time is a solid way to attract readers.

Create Headlines like The New York Times

Linking the article to a well-known person, place or entity is a fantastic way to attract readers. Everyone wants to achieve greatness. The entire success of the “Be Like Mike” Gatorade campaign hinged on the average athletic viewer striving to be more like Michael Jordan. Associating the rich and famous with the content allows readers to have a model of success when it comes to the article content.

Headlines That Don’t Attract Readers

Much like an audience’s attraction to dark words, readers also trend toward what not to do. Readers are drawn to these articles because they provide solace when they aren’t doing what’s listed and they give them helpful information when they are. These are the antithesis of the how-to articles, and cover topics like “Social Media Moves that Lose Followers” or “Content Marketing Tips that Don’t Work”.

With the plethora of information available to readers, grabbing their attention from the start is imperative to building an audience. Creating headlines that attract readers and increase readability are simple. They are the techniques that have been used by salesmen for generations. Many of these techniques seem simplistic, but that’s because they are! Simple, yet effective is the pathway to success.

Author Bio: Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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