Use Social Media Test Marketing For Your New Product Launch

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How do you know that your new online business will grab the attention of your target market and turn a profit? You can never know for sure until you give it a try, but it is still important to test your idea before investing a lot of money and energy. Testing periods can help you tweak your overall idea so that it fits the needs of your target market better, and you may come up with creative ways to make your products or services accessible and useful to a wider array of consumers.

Social Media Testing

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to determine whether your business idea has a sizable online market is to test through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites. You can even do some creative video posts to Vine in order to create awareness of your brand while gauging the response from viewers.

It is easy and free to setup free social media accounts under your business name. Start asking questions, holding contests and interacting with potential members of your target market. When you start getting followers, friends, likes or shares, visit visitor profiles. Note the gender, age and other demographic information for people who seem to be interested in your business concept. As your presence online grows, you can use your social media accounts for ongoing market research and new product or service testing.

Trade Show Testing

Find trade shows, exhibitions and other events related in some way to your business or industry. Walk around and take notice of any businesses already offering products or services that may compete with your business. If there are similar businesses but none of them are offering your exact product or services, determine whether you are filling a lucrative gap in the market or need to make some changes in order to compete successfully.

Show Your Goods

Once you know what your competitors are up to and get some encouraging social media responses, consider testing your products or services in the market with a small number of customers. Use a service like Solid Cactus  to get your website up quickly and start marketing your business online, even if your starting budget is small.

You may think of other ways to test your business concept depending on what you have to offer and what populations you are targeting. There are many ways you can do this quickly online once you have a professional website with the right content. If you don’t have the skill to create a high-value website, then it’s wise to use a professional service to take it live for you.

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