Who Is Talking About You

talking to the worldThe reputation of an individual matters in today’s world, both professionally and personally. There are numerous times when others may use a simple search via the web to garner  more information about a person, whether it is for checking credentials, following up on information provided, or simply out of human curiosity. Often times the search yields results including legal history, public records, newspaper clippings or mentions, and social media pages, among other online results that may pop up. A major problem can arise when misinformation or incorrect and negative results appear from such searches. This could be when an employer is considering the individual for hire, a prospective student is attempting to get into an academic program, or when a friend or mate decides to do some online sleuthing. These negative results could have irreparable damage on the individual’s reputation, both professionally and personally, and might also have repercussions that impact pursuits and relationships that may never be repaired.

Another issue is that frequently these individuals have no idea that there is negative information being disseminated over the world wide web. This means that it would be a bit hard for them to dispute or counter these negative impressions without some knowledge that they exist.

Even when you have detected the presence of less-than favorable information floating around on the internet, it may be tough to find a way of eliminating or correcting it. Once these results have popped up, they will continue to turn up again and again, perhaps ruining chances for jobs, positions, opportunities, and maligning one’s personal reputation and integrity along the way. There has been little available to help reverse these unfortunate series of events until now.

Some new sites are available that offer to battle the disparaging results by burying the negativity and providing positive results for searchers to find when checking out an individual’s name or seeking some information about their reputation. It is not enough to just begin feeding more favorable information to online sources. Rather it is wise to make sure that erroneous or unsavory results get buried far below more positive search results. For instance, reputation.com reviews will arrange that the individual’s personal achievements and professional credentials appear in the top results of a query, so that the searcher finds these before coming across any information that might be less favorable. These more current and favorable search entities will likely have more impact by appearing before any misinformation is seen.

Such reputation services are being used increasingly.  Most technologically-savvy businesses are fully aware of how important their reputation is, and how difficult it may be to recover once it has been defamed. It is the same for individuals. We get exactly one chance to make a first impression, and all too often the image conveyed online may not be accurate, correct, or current. If that is the case, it may jeopardize opportunities and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime chances that are there for us.

Image Credit: talking to the world image courtesy of http://pixabay.com/en/globe-world-earth-man-listen-32430/