5 Things To Think About Before Risking Your Finances By Suing Someone

This article is contributed by Kevin Davis.

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When you decide to sue someone it can do one of two things. You could end up in a world of financial pain, or you will end up with a nice chunk of change in your pocket. You don’t know which of those situations you’re going to end up in, so before you think about suing anyone we’re going to look at a few questions you should ask yourself.

Is it worth pursuing?

walk away

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether or not it’s worth pursuing because you might find it’s sometimes better to walk away. Maybe you shouldn’t have been let go or maybe you are still owed a little bit of money, but is it easier just to forget about it. You might be able to walk into a new job straight away therefore the stress of legal action is better left alone. It might also turn out to be very costly for you and in the long-run the only thing you’ll win is a massive legal bill.

Do you have a good case?

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Let’s say you have decided it’s something you’re not going to let go. Before you start any legal proceedings you will first have to work out if you have a good case. Your employer could easily have been within their rights to let you go. If you never got promoted it could have been because of something you did wrong and not because they were trying to force you to quit. If you don’t have a good case you should walk away unless you have money to burn.

Have you spoken to the business?

When someone messes you around you can’t just take them to court as quickly as possible. Most businesses won’t want to go to court in the first place, so maybe they will make everything right before it goes too far. If you don’t want to get in contact with them yourself you might have to speak to them through your lawyer, but you should still do it before you try to sue them. The business in question might acknowledge they were at fault and they’ll spare you the hassle of court.

Are you willing to compromise?

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There is also a good chance they won’t take the blame for anything. They are positive they were in the right and you were in the wrong, so no matter what happens they will never agree to your terms. That doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to come to some sort of agreement. Some companies might be happy to entertain a deal because it will save them a lot of money in legal fees. It just depends if you’re willing to work with them or not, but just remember it could be in your best interests.

Will you be able to collect?

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Don’t waste your time trying to sue someone if they won’t be able to pay you. If they end up having to pay you money they’ve not got, you won’t see anything. You might be happy because they’ve gone out of business, but will you be happy when you have to sell your home to pay your legal fees? It’s always nice to win and I can understand why you’d want to sue if you think it’s a sure case, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Take your time

You don’t have to rush into anything before you come to a final decision. Take a while to think over everything we’ve talked about today. You can always speak to an attorney to see what they think. If you do decide to follow through with your plans to sue, I wish you good luck.

Author Bio: Kevin Davis is an intern at Bentham IMF, a leading legal financing company. In his spare time, Kevin likes to work out at the gym or cook for his family.

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