The Social Media Bandwagon

social media bandwagonAlmost everyone is aware of the growing number of social media that allow you to stay in touch with your friends and spread the word on matters and events that are important to you. That goes from Presidents of countries to stay-at-home moms and includes their young teenagers as they move around on their social whirl. Companies now see that this is an ideal way to communicate with their customers and prospects. Everyone wishes to make the most of this new dimension in their lives.

A digital marketing degree might just be the opportunity you need to jump start your career. University of Florida has a new groundbreaking degree in social media marketing that can help you in three ways: learning how to do marketing; finding out how to use social media effectively as part of that marketing; and figuring out how to monetize your brand with your social media following.

Learning how to market a product or service is learning how to do promotions. You might even be hired to be a promoter of talent in the entertainment field. Whatever or whomever you are promoting, however, you have to either have or develop a knack for advertising at some level. You have to learn how to be promotional and how to use sales, discounts, and other marketing techniques in order to draw people to your product or service.

Learning how to use social media effectively in order to market a product or service is nothing short of an art form these days. For example, on Facebook, one is allowed to have approximately 3,000 friends on a personal page, and an unlimited number of followers or “likes” on a fan page. On Twitter you can have an unlimited number of followers. There are tools such as Twitalyzer which can help one determine one’s velocity and clout on Twitter, measuring the size and projection or trajectory of one’s popularity on Twitter – for example.

Why is this important? Once one has enough friends and followers, one might be able to monetize one’s brand by doing social media campaigns, giveaways, and other promotions that will get followers active and involved. Someone who is highly active on their Facebook and Twitter pages will probably get the most value out of their promotions.

Building a fan base is not easy, however, and it takes time. This is especially true if you are careful about who you follow on Twitter, or being selective about who you are friends with on Facebook. Tthere are even applications out there that will help you gain more followers on automated systems. Once you monetize your brand, you can have other people manage your accounts when you become successful at social media marketing.

Learning how to market, use social media effectively, and monetize your brand are all elements you will learn by acquiring a formal online degree in social media marketing.

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  1. Just the other day I was going through a post which brought to light the ways of monetizing your blog subtly. Your audience really shouldn’t be made aware of your attempts at bringing more traffic to your site. So its important to steer clear of stuffing your content with keywords.

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