How Can Customized ID Cards Help With Employee Management

custom id badgeThis article is contributed by Matt Jackson.

ID cards can seem like a bother at times. After all, you need to have them displayed at all times and there’s the agonizing wait to get a new photo taken. Nobody wants to be the guy who blinks during the picture. Customized ID cards can work wonders for employee management, though.

If you have the best manager in the world you can’t get the most out of your workforce if they have low morale. The best thing you can do is coast along. Instead why not help boost morale by using customized ID cards.

Make It A Creative Project

By customized we don’t mean simply put the company logo on it. Let your employees design and customize their own ID cards. As long as it isn’t offensive or inappropriate, it can break up the crushing corporate environment somewhat.

It’s a creative project which allows them to have some fun and take time away from their normal jobs. A Friday afternoon is a good time to begin a project like this. A few minutes a week to dedicate to something creative can completely change how someone feels about a job.

It also gets the creative juices flowing, which will flow over to Monday morning. They’ll come back in refreshed and ready to go. The likes of Google and Yahoo have attempted this tactic and it’s paid off.

Make Them Feel Part of the Company

A common symptom of low morale is the lack of any solidarity. They feel as if they are just faces in a vast wall. All they are are donkeys designed to pick up a pay check every week. Make them feel part of the company. A customized ID card allows them to feel valued. It’s like a certificate which says they’re part of the company family.

It might not seem like much to an outsider. As an employee this small gesture can make all the difference. It’s also very cheap and very easy for you as a business owner to implement such a scheme.


Bigger workforces suffer from a lack of recognition. Managers might forget some of the new faces and struggle to remember where everyone is. Let’s go back to our ‘creative project’ section again. Each person has a unique design on their ID card. It’s likely going to be hanging from their pants or around their neck.

Managers can spot the design from a distance. Intricate designs which say something about their personalities say much more than the clothing they’re wearing or their latest hairstyle. Another point we need to take into account is this is the only constant. They’ll change their appearances all the time. The image remains the same.

For the manager, it makes it simple to control where everyone is. It’s easy to reshuffle teams and regularly check up on them. Try it for yourself and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Overall, customized ID cards are a fantastic tool for employers who want to make management easier. They boost morale and make it easier to remain in control of your workforce. This double-barreled tool can become a great asset to your business.

Author Bio: Matt Jackson shares business related news, updates, tips and advice through his articles. He finds that having uniform badge holders in your office is also a great way to stop business espionage.

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