Throw An Office Party Everyone Will Love By Following These 6 Great Tips

This article is contributed by Adam Tyler.

Most companies throw an office party at different times throughout the year and most employees usually hate them. Maybe they only say they hate office parties because it’s the cool thing to say, but that doesn’t mean you won’t upset a lot of people if you don’t get yours right.

If you throw a party everyone loves it can do great things for moral and it can drive the company forward, so we’re going to look at a few ways you can ensure everyone ends up with a smile on their face. If you ignore any of these tips you might end up in trouble.

Don’t ask people for any money

The quickest way to upset people is by asking them to pay money towards a party. Just because you think everyone will have a great time doesn’t mean they’re going to be enthusiastic when you ask them to spend their own money. This is even more important if you’re throwing a Christmas party because everyone has already spent their money buying presents for their kids.

Make sure everyone can go

You will create a lot of negative energy in the office if there are certain people who can’t attend because they have to work. If you’re having your party on a Friday you don’t want to force people to work on the Saturday morning because it’s obviously they won’t be able to go. You won’t just upset the people who can’t make it because it’s going to annoy their friends too.

Nobody can be forced to attend

Once you tell everyone there is a party you will get the usual candidates who don’t want anything to do with socializing with their colleagues. Forcing those people to attend will only bring everyone else down, so let them do what they want. Even if you’re holding the party in the afternoon you can’t make them attend. For all you know they might have a deep fear of social events.

The location needs to be convenient

When you know the party is in a convenient location it’s very easy to let your hair down because you know you’ll get home alright. If the party is miles away it’s completely different. It will take people ages to get there and they will need to arrange someone to collect them. You could even put on a bus to drive people home if you’re feeling very generous.

Give away prizes

I don’t know anyone in the world who doesn’t like winning prizes. Just make sure the prizes you give away and decent because nobody wants a company mug. You might find it smashed in the middle of the street when you leave. The winners of each prize should be random, because if you start giving people work awards it could leave a few of them disgruntled.

Only spend what you can afford

Do you want to know an easy way to offend people? Start firing their friends in the lead up to the party then you can spend as much money as possible on the celebration. If you are letting people go or giving them a smaller than expected bonus it’s probably not a good idea to spend too much on a party. You can still have one, but make sure you stay within a certain budget.

Go and have some fun

I hope you agree with everything we’ve spoken about because none of it was rocket science. It was all pretty basic stuff that you need to make sure you get right. Just be careful not to step on anyone’s toes because you don’t want anything ruining your party.

Author Bio:  Adam Tyler runs an event management firm and he writes for Corporate Christmas which specializes in office Christmas decorations. He enjoys playing basketball in his leisure time.
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