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brand imagesThis article is contributed by Martha Blue.

If you are starting your own business and are still pondering over what name to choose, you should spend some time on this important step. A catchy name can draw potential customers’ interest quicker than a ‘Free Beer’ sign outside a city centre bar on a Saturday night. Just as a poorly chosen brand name will ensure that your website or retail store never sees more than one visitor at a time, and that is usually you! Please have a read of this article if you need a little encouragement and advice regarding your new company’s name.

Start Simple

You need to think about something that will remain in your customers’ memory for more than a few hours, but do not try to be too clever. People prefer something short and catchy as a brand name. Try to stay unique, but avoid confusing your public. Do not choose a name that can be pronounced more than one way, this will annoy people especially if they find out they have been saying your name incorrectly.

Visualize Your Brand Name

The name should make your customers think about a particular image when they read the words. Humans are hard wired to think of an image when they hear or say a name, take advantage of this feature and you will be thinking along the right lines.

Be Positive

In an increasingly negative world, we need some positive input every now and then. Choosing a name that uses positive psychology is a very good move for your business’s progress. You can utilise the way that we are emotionally attached to certain words when choosing the name of your company or brand. You should also avoid choosing a name that carries a negative connotation as this will ensure that your business is left amongst the tumbleweeds.

Be Relevant

A clever business or brand name is all well and good, but is it related to your line of business? You may need to include the line of work that you are in when you choose the name. Otherwise your actual trade will remain a mystery to your potential customers. You can try to work out a name that includes your trade in an anagram, but avoid anything too cryptic. Customers would rather not have to pass an IQ test before uncovering your clever hidden meaning.

Short And Snappy

snappy nameMost of the great brand names are relatively short and this makes them easy to remember for a long time. Visualize the way your chosen name fits onto a sign or a business card. You can experiment with typeface and background after you have chosen that hard hitting name.

You can include other information about your business after the name has been decided upon. There will be more space for details such as contact numbers, website and email addresses if the name itself is only 5 or 6 characters long.


attractive colorsYour brand name need not be designed in plain black text, and you can select some colours that will also attract the public eye. These also have strong emotional relevance to people, do some research into the way people react to certain colours and shades, apply these to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Author Bio: Martha Blue is a senior designer at Sassy Signs. The company sells custom-made, creative name plates and house signs for homes and businesses. Martha’s other interests include writing, fine arts such as painting and handicrafts.

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