Building A Great Team Is Crucial And Here Are 6 Ways To Do It

team workThis article is contributed by Jacob Matthew.

Are you a great leader? Do you have what it takes to make your business more successful? Every great leader should be able to build powerful teams that improve their business. Nobody is superman and it’s impossible to do everything on your own. I hope you already have a wonderful team, but it’s never too late to learn new things that could make your team even better. We can look at a few ideas and if you haven’t tested them out yet, you can now.

You want thinkers


You don’t want people who say yes all the time. You want people who can think for themselves because that is how a team will improve much quicker. If everyone is always waiting on you to give them the answers it will slow everything down. Tell people they can ask questions and offer suggestions otherwise they might just stay quiet and you won’t be able to learn from them.

Team bonding

team get together

Book a nice trip and take everyone away from the office. If you have the money available you can take them abroad, but they can just as easily bond if you take them to a hotel in a nearby city for the weekend. Get everyone together through the day in a conference room and you can do lots of team building exercises. The most important thing is that they spend time together out of the office.

Find out who they are

If you don’t have thousands of employees there is no reason why you can’t get to know everyone on a personal level. You don’t need to be their best friend and I’m sure nobody expects that, but if you know their name and what their favorite hobby is you will have something to talk to them about that doesn’t involve work. If they feel wanted they will feel a bigger part of the team.

Constructive conflict

Would you be able to work with someone for years without disagreeing with them once? Everyone is going to argue over something eventually, but how they deal with it becomes important because it could damage the company. Send people on a constructive conflict course and they will learn how to argue with someone without it becoming personal.

Helping each other

When someone is struggling to get something finished they could do with another member of the team helping them. You need to make it worth the other person’s while because I’m sure they have their own work to finish. Maybe you could create team goals instead of individual ones. It would force everyone to work together and complete the most important tasks first.

Raise the bar

When your employees don’t need to push themselves they won’t. Would you try your hardest when nobody expected you to? Even if you would, it still doesn’t mean everyone else is the same as you. When you keep raising the bar it means nobody has a choice and they must keep improving. Just don’t be unrealistic because if you ask for too much it could have the opposite effect.

Hire the best

If you need to hire a new employee you should make sure you hire the best. Choose someone that you know will bring something new to the team. If you want the business to move forward, you need someone who has the strength to push it. Don’t bother hiring anyone you don’t think will improve on what you’ve already got.

Am I missing something?

You probably know a lot more ways to build a successful team. I hope a few of these suggestions are new to you and they will hopefully help you build an excellent team. Do you have any of your own suggestions you can share with us? Write them below because they could help others out.

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