When Prized Liquor Costs Less Than Your Printer Ink…

dom perignon champagne bottleThis article is contributed by Austin Cole.

Ever wondered why your printer keeps running out of ink, even though its expenses are increasing?

A set of replacement cartridges for home printers costs £45, and a bottle of the elite Dom Perignon costs about £109. It doesn’t really seem like much in the first glance, but if you do the math, accounting the costs drop by drop, it becomes clear to us that we’re being ripped off by the ink companies. The printer ink is being sold at around 51p per milliliter, but the Dom Perignon costs about 15p per milliliter for the same quantity.

As time progresses, the production costs seem to grow higher, and the quantity of the ink in the cartridge seems to reduce. Well known printer company Canon charges up to 51p for black ink and over £1.05 per ml of colored ink of yellow, magenta and blue; i.e. 19ml of black ink costs £9.69, and 9ml colored ink costs £9.49.

Cost of Printers and cost of cartridges:

It is a well known fact that the printer companies sell their printers for almost no profit, sometimes even at a marginal loss. They tend to recover their losses with these overpriced ink cartridges.

A printer on average costs about £30, but a branded ink cartridge costs around £20.  Most printers come with a tiny amount of “free” ink in their cartridges with your new printer – an amount so small that you’re almost immediately forced to buy a new ink cartridge. Of course, once you buy a new printer, you’ve simply ‘got’ to buy a branded ink cartridge despite the hole it burns in your pocket.

Are Ink companies deliberately trying to con you?

It is common sense to note that the frequency of your visits to the cartridge store increase with the increase in the ink you use. More visits equal more revenue to the company.  And the printer companies seem to be forcing you to frequently visit your nearest ink dealer.

  • Most printers tend to waste a lot of ink on the pretext of cleaning the nozzles each time the printer is turned on, or after a set number of prints.
  • Printers can use up to 600 percent more ink to print in bulk than to print the same amount of pages occasionally over a period of time.
  • Printers tend to print 17% to 38% more if you continue to ignore the “low level” alerts; printers tend to light up the “change cartridge” alert even if there is sufficient amount of  ink stored in it.

To top it all, manufacturers shy away from providing standardized sizing for ink cartridges, and ink yield is calculated for each brand based on their own personalized lab conditions. Only HP gives us the information on its website. Hence yield and cost effectiveness greatly differ from brand to brand.

Although we can’t stop printing altogether now, we can look into workable solutions around this problem, one of the most effective solutions being purchasing reliable generic brands instead of the overpriced branded ones.

Author Bio: Austin Cole is a flourishing entrepreneur who enjoys blogging. He thinks that Brother ink cartridges are really good and more people should use them.

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  1. There’s no doubt that printers are a commodity and manufacturers make money from servicing and ink. This is preciously why I buy compatible toners only as I find them giving me the same print quality and higher value for the money I spend.

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