5 Ways To Build Great Relationships So Your Customers Do Your Marketing For You

customer welcomeThis article is contributed by Amy Sawyer.

When someone starts a small business they don’t realize how much of a part marketing plays. That is why there are not many people who are truly successful. Sure, you might be able to put food on your table every night and you can buy your children nice clothes, but imagine how easy your life would be if you could make double the amount of money you’re earning at the moment. It’s not hard to increase your income by a huge amount if you’re not big on marketing right now.

One of the easiest ways to see great results is by trying to build relationships with your customers. Think about how easy marketing would be if you didn’t need to do anything yourself. Your lovely customers would do everything for you because they would tell everyone who you are and why they should buy from you. Building great relationships isn’t easy, so we’re going to look at some ways you can start doing it today and in a few years you won’t be able to carry your wallet because it will be too heavy.

Be honest with them

You think that potential customers want you to be perfect, but they don’t. They understand everyone is human and can sometimes make mistakes. A lot of companies shout from the rooftops when anything good happens, but when something bad happens they sweep it under the rug. If you tell people about your mistakes and struggles you will create empathy with them and you will have a bigger relationship with them than the company who gives nothing away.

Ask for feedback

When you’re performing market research you should ask people if they have any recommendations they can make about your product. Once you go away and start trying to make it better, they will feel like they have played a part in coming up with your great product. They will then go and recommend it to people as if it was their own. All you have to do is ask someone their opinion, but for some reason hardly anyone bothers to do it.

Speak to customers

No matter how amazing your product is, there are going to be a few people who aren’t happy. They will come to your store to complain and you usually have an employee who deals with all the problems. Instead of letting someone else deal with any problems, you could do it yourself. When the person complaining knows they are speaking to the main boss they will be thankful you took some time out of your day to help them and they will come back and buy something from you again.

Have contests

When you have contests, it gives people the chance to win some prizes and who doesn’t love that? If you’re known as the company who gives away free stuff you will be trusted a lot more because you are doing something nice for your customers. It’s also a great way to generate more revenue because, if someone doesn’t win the prize, they might have been thinking about it for so long that they now go and buy it anyway.

Help out

I’m sure everyone knows a company or two that play their part in helping people less fortunate than themselves. A lot of companies help out charities, or they might do something in the local community to help out a club or organization. If you are seen to be helping people you will definitely have a more personal relationship with everyone, even if they are not your customer yet. Word will get around and as well as helping people your brand will build itself.

Author Bio: Amy Sawyer is a freelance writer working for justdisplays.co.uk in the UK. She writes specifically on business issues and believes that the key to having a successful business is to build good relationships with clients. She likes business magazines and refers Just Displays for key insights.

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