4 Essential Facts About Worker’s Compensation That You Need To Know

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This article is contributed by Lucy Whitmore.

In the competitive world of business, productivity and efficiency are the keys to success. However, sometimes people end up paying too heavy a cost. Workplace injuries are a frequent occurrence and it is only fair that employees are aware of their options. Sometimes you could be unable to work for a number of weeks.  Here are 4 facts about worker’s compensation that you need to know.

1. Injured at work? You may be eligible for compensation

As an employee, it is very important to know your rights and not be taken advantage of. In reality, most employers do not intend to lead their employees astray. However, lack of communication and dearth of knowledge regarding workplace policies can often lead to situations where a worker’s rights could be violated. It is important to remember that if you are injured at work, you could be eligible for worker’s compensation. The criteria for eligibility are decided by an impartial worker’s compensation board that takes all the factors into consideration. If you hurt your back trying to impress your colleagues by doing stunts on the office furniture, then obviously you would not qualify for worker’s compensation. The board is in place to ensure that neither the employee’s rights are violated nor is the employer made to pay compensation for frivolous claims.

2. Employers invest in worker’s compensation insurance

Most employers invest in worker’s compensation insurance. For a small business, a legitimate claim can result in heavy financial losses. In such cases, it is absolutely vital that the employer have a worker’s compensation insurance plan in place. Many people think that investing in such insurance is an employer’s way of shrugging responsibility. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. In order to continue receiving insurance coverage, the employer has to maintain very high safety standards at the workplace; failure to do so could result in the insurance company denying any future claims made.

3. There are attorneys specializing in worker’s compensation

There are many rules and regulations in place to ensure that no one takes advantage of the worker’s compensation plan. As a result, the legal net cast after a claim is made often gets people stressed and confused. Unless you are a lawyer, chances are you won’t have much luck separating heads from tails in any of the legal documents. Fortunately, there are attorneys and lawyers who specialize in worker’s compensation. These attorneys represent injured employees and can be employed to assist with legal proceedings at every stage of the claim. The primary goal of worker’s compensation attorneys is to ensure that an employee’s rights are not violated in any way. In case an employee feels that they have received the short end of the stick, the attorney is usually responsible for filing and representing the client in any subsequent appeals.

4. Employers continue to monitor the situation after compensation is paid

It is fair to say that most companies are very concerned about workplace safety. Whatever their motivation is, companies like to ensure that the situation that caused an employee to file a worker’s compensation claim is never repeated again. With that goal in mind, employees continue to monitor the situation; contrary to popular belief, employers don’t just pay compensation and wipe their hands of any ongoing responsibility. Companies often work with the injured employee to ensure a safer workplace results.

Keep these 4 facts in mind and they will help you out should the misfortune of filing worker’s compensation ever befalls you.

Author Bio: Lucy Whitmore has worked with many experienced workers compensation lawyers and feels they are doing a really good job.

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