Five Easy Ways To Show Your Customers You Care

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This article is contributed by Ryan Lawler.

When we choose which company to go with when we’re using a product or service, there are many factors we consciously and unconsciously take into account. While you might think that this would be a largely logical and reasoned decision this often isn’t entirely true and we actually end up more often going with gut instincts and impulses rather than just weighing up all the pros and cons.

One of these powerful influencing factors is how much we like the company. Of course your fondness for a business won’t affect the quality of the product or the value of the offer, and yet many of us would rather pay a bit more to go with a company that we feel fond towards than one that we are indifferent to. So the question is for the savvy business – how do you go about working on your popularity and making your customers like you more? Here we will look at some suggestions and help you to win more friends and favours.

Give Away Promotional Items

People love getting free stuff, and while you might give away your pens, USB drives and lanyards to help promote your brand, it will still be warmly received by your customers who will then feel a strong urge to ‘reciprocate’ by spending more money with you. This really is a win, win situation for businesses.

Have a Sense of Humour

If you are happy clap your hands

With so many businesses being very ‘businessy’ and making everything sound very dry and serious, it can be very refreshing to read a company website or a leaflet and find that the company has a sense of humour and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Don’t turn your site into a comedy sketch of course, but use a little humour and you can humanise yourself a lot.

Be Personal

Likewise being more personal can also help with that humanisation. Many companies will come across as faceless and corporate, so try to introduce yourselves to your customers and your clients by having some little bios on the site, or by including your staff in the advertising. We all know a lot about Richard Branson and for many this makes the prospect of using Virgin services a lot more tempting.

Deliver On Your Promises

deliver on your promises

Delivering on your promises every time is crucial if you are going to build trust and ensure that your customers feel confident to use your services time and time again. Better than delivering on your promises though is to surpass them. So rather than estimate delivery time for 1-2 days and often let them down, tell them it’s ‘4-5’ and they’ll be very happy to receive your product on the 3rd day.

Customer Service

customer service that delivers

We’ve all had nightmare customer service experiences and we all know how quickly this can make a company’s name ‘much’. If you want to avoid falling prey to this phenomenon then make sure to really invest in your customer service and to instil in your employees that the customer always comes first and is always right.

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